Popular Science Week – 科普日

After the past 6 days of rain the sky was amazingly clear and blue on this Mid-Autumn festival holiday. What a coincidence that the rain stopped just before the public holiday. It was great to be out cycling today. On the bridge over the North 4th ring road in the East side of the city I stopped and took a picture towards the West with the Fragrant Hills mountains so crisp and close. Please also note the huge traffic jam in both directions on 4th ring road on about 10 lanes:

Fragrant Hills and Blue Sky

From the same point I also took a picture towards the North and even there you could see the mountains where parts of the Great Wall of China are.

Beijing Northern Mountains

When I was in the Olympic Park I took another picture towards the West. I could even see some fences on the mountains. I love Beijing like this! I hope we will have more blue sky!

Blue Sky Beijing

I was heading towards the Chinese Academy of Science for the Popular Science Week exhibition (科普日).

Chinese Academy of Science Exhibition

There were exhibits around environmental topics. But they had areas for the people to be interactive. Like for example they had a place where you could rip up a newspaper and then make your own recycled paper out of it.

Recycled Paper DIY

And of course quite some things on wind energy and solar energy. They had little build up yourself model cars that were powered my solar panels.

Solar Powered Model Car

We were involved through our Smarter than Car groups (STC). We had worked with the Vehicle Emission Control Center which is a part of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Ministry of Environmental Protection

They had exhibits like this comparison of the CO2 emission of a typical nowadays normal car (right side) compared to a hybrid car (left side).

Hybrid Car versus Normal Car

We had provided the JisuPK, the bicycle roller goldsprints as an interactive way to just say biking can be fun.

JisuPK Bike Race Fun

This exhibition had already been on for 4 days. The first day high level officials had been there. Especially China’s Vice President Xi Jinping, who also came for a visit of this exhibition was interested in our JisuPK bike set-up. But unfortunately that morning the laptop with the software was not there yet so he could not race. Maybe next time Xi Jinping can challenge someone on our fixed gear bikes.

Many Woman came Racing

A lot of people every day came to sit on the bikes and pedal as fast as they can for a length of 200 meters. The record for this exhibition until today was 60km/h average speed and that was done by my new employee Dupree. Good work!

People cheering for the JisuPK

And I also had my bamboo trick bike there and did some performances to show people that the green material bamboo makes bikes which are really stable.

Ines Brunn performing on Bamboo Fixed Gear Bike

And after each performance the people would just all come close and ask many questions about the bike made out of real bamboo and of course for how many years I have been doing bike tricks.

The audience Magnet: Bamboo Bike

Later I went back to the shop. I forgot that yesterday we did not take a picture of the nice light blue and orange fixed gear bike that a customer had us build up.

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