Flying Banana Fixed Gear Bikes

After a few days break we met up again this morning for some bike trick training. 74 year old Yu Chang Qing managed to do this trick he had not done since around 1990:

Yu Chang Qing Amazing Bike Trick

Yesterday some of the customer special ordered frames arrived. One of them was the special metallic orange Flying Banana track frame with Columbus Thron tubing for Echo. She wanted to learn how to build up her bike so she came to the shop. She started with putting inner tube and outer tire on the 50mm deep wheels (wow they look nice 🙂

Echo working on the 50mm deep wheels

Dupree brought his former military jacket for working on bikes. We think he looks like a Min Gong (migrant worker) wearing that.

Dupree as our shop min gong

Dupree, Chris and I then decided that better let Echo do all the work and us stand on the side and just give our comments.

Echo working and the others watching

And look how happy she is with her finished bike.

Echo and her Orange Golden Bike

The gold and black goes well with the metallic special orange color she ordered. All the parts closer to the frame are golden, the further away parts are black.

Full Modern Style Track Bike

Bullhorn Handle Bars

Flying Banana Bike with Columbus Thron Tubing

Our Flying Banana bike frames are made using Italian Columbus Thron tubing. It is nice to see Echo so happy about her new bike.

Echo and Ines

Today was very busy in our Natooke fixed gear bike store here in Beijing. I am sad I had to send some of the Korean fixed gear riders away that just wanted small modifications. It was not the right day with other customers waiting for the bikes to be built up. Like this one that we finished around 6pm.It has glow in the dark Oury grips.

White and Black with Pink Hub

Glow in the dark Oury grips on Flying Banana

We also finished another great track bike for Ren Fei. He had requested to have his name added on the frame. He was also very happy to pick up his fixed gear bike. He even asked me to join him and his friends for dinner but unfortunately I had already an appointment with friends visiting from France.

Ren Fei and his Flying Banana

Ren Fei’s new fixed gear bike

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  1. Duncan Leung sagt:

    Wow, really like Echo’s tires! I had to change my tires cos I wore them out from skidding. I didnt know it would be so hard to fit the tire back on the rims!