Natooke Bike with Basket

This is a really cool handlebar basket. It is done by Copenhagen parts. Our customer wanted us to build up a beautiful Flying Banana fixed gear bike with this special handlebar from Denmark.

Natooke Bike with Cool Basket

It is one piece handlebar together with basket. He wanted the basket in white but could only get it in silver. Even in silver I think it looks amazing together with the white bicycle.

Handlebar Basket in one Piece

I trust the design to be good. Even though the rim of the basket seems very low. But I assume it rides well. If more people are interested I might import them.

Daenish Design Handlebar

Bruce from Beijing Radio came to the shop today and interviewed me regarding bikes and cycling in Beijing. He will make 2 or 3 features out of it. Next Monday Jan 17th there will be an interactive radio show about cycling safety from 2-3pm and again from 6-7pm. Go to th Radio Beijing website and listen along.

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