First Beijing FG Ride 2011

Thanks to Mitchell we organized a fixed gear bike ride on a freezing cold Monday night. I mean it was below zero in teh daytime and of course even more below zero at night. It is the first ride of the year 2011 of the Beijing fixed gear crew. I was thinking that maybe only 5 people would show up. But no! We were in the end 12 people that cycled with us and most of them on nice Natooke bikes.

Tom asked me to point out that Garth only sand papered half of his handlebar and came on our ride with a half black half silver bullhorn. That is barely recognizable due to the dim light on this picture:

Garth with 2 colored handlebar

Brad and Renfei also came along on the ride.

Beijing Fixed Gear Riders

We followed Mitchell’s suggestion to ride to the Beijing 798 art district. As always I chose the path all the way along the canal as it is off the main roads and has less cars.It would be cool if it would be for bikes only though…

Cycling along a canal in Beijing City

It was great to have 12 rider come out on their fixed gear bikes. In Dashanzi 798 we went to a statue of a fat man and took a picture for those who did not ride with us.

Beijing FG Night Ride Crew

Garth then led us on a tour around the closed art galleries till we got surrounded by wolves. I could just move my foot fast enough away.

Wolf biting a fixed gear bike pedal

I uploaded all my pictures onto a web album. Go here to check out more pictures with the wolves.

Also Garth’s saddle seemed to be tasty. But we could get it back without too much damage.

Wolf biting in a fixed gear bike saddle

Dupree helped us get the wolves away from us. Amazing how he knows how to ride such wild and vicious animals.

Dupree riding a wolf

But he did decide to switch back to his bike and go for dinner with us. Good that post bike Steve came to the ride as he knows the area really well and showed a small but tasty restaurant that had Shanxi style noodles served from a gigantic huge pot. Sorry I did not take a picture of it. But I did take a picture of our colorful unique bikes.

Fixed Gear Bikes in Beijing

Natooke Flying Banana Bikes resting after a Ride

After the dinner we took a group photo of the 8 guys and 4 girls that were tough enough to ride on such a cold night.

Fixed Gear Night Bike Ride Crew

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