Gala of the Israeli Juggling Convention

I was invited to the 18th Israeli Juggling Convention to perform at the International Gala Show. Here are some pictures that a cool photographer named Oren Ziv took. I copied 3 really nice ones from Oren Ziv:

Ines Brunn performing at the Israeli Juggling Convention

Ines Brunn doing a Headstand on the Bicycle

I really like this picture that Oren Ziv took in the most perfect moment of me doing my special jump off the bike.

Ines Brunn doing a Jump off the Bike

I have my own pictures of the group of international performers after the show. We were Florent Lestage (who had performed with me at the European Juggling Convention in Vittoria), Eric, Hans van Wynsberghe, Joris Verbeeren, Stefan and Cristiana Sing, Matt Hall and me.

International Performers at the 2011 Israeli Juggling Convention Gala Show

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