Happy New Year

First of all: Happy New Year!

It has been many months since I last regularly wrote blog entries. Because some friends and some fans complained about that I decided for the year 2012 I will try to update my blog.

Natooke shop has been very amazing last year and I hope we can continue the same way in 2012. I am happy to have met so many interesting people that just walked in either by coincidence or because they had read about us or seen us on TV. Let us have lots of fixed gear riding fun together in this year.

Beijing Fixed Gear Ride on New Year’s Eve 2011

New Year’s Eve we had a Natooke fixed gear bicycle ride to end off the year 2011 and greet the New Year while cycling along Beijing’s streets. We waited for the countdown on a huge clock near Xidan.

Natooke Riding on Beijing Streets

Recently we have some really enthusiastic girls come to rides and events. Keep up the hard riding!

Doudou Riding her Flying Banana Fixed Gear Bike

Suan Suan Riding her Flying Banana Fixed Gear Bike

Beijing is getting colder and there are not many people on the streets at night. That made for a huge space for us cycling especially on the extremely wide bicycle lane of Chang’An Boulevard that goes right through the center of Beijing.

Riding Fixed Gear on the wide bicycle lane of Chang’An Boulevard

The remaining group did a very brief stop on Tiananmen Square before the guard came to tell us to keep moving on.

Natooke Fixed gear on Tiananmen Square

Then we went to get some early morning food at a small Chinese restaurant. We just stacked our bikes outside of the restaurant. Unfortunately a drunk driver in a SUV drove past and drove too close to our bikes so his car must have touched the most outside bike and the drove over that bikes‘ back wheel.

Bike Pile in Beijing

But we figured a bent wheel in the first hours of the year brings good luck. More pictures are all in this gallery.

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