Krabi Rock Climbing

Finally I managed to sort through the pictures of our rock climbing holiday in Thailand. This was long ago but I still like the pictures. Thailand is a nice for escaping the cold weather of Beijing. And Krabi is a beautiful place to climb – it is the climbing spot of South-East Asia.

Thaiwand Wall Climbing

Tonsai Beach Climbing

Sunset in Tonsai

Ines Climbing Hidden World

Ines Climbing in Krabi

More interesting are the pictures with the wide angle lens. I just find it hilarious how it distorts faces.

Wide Angle Lens Face

When we flew to Thailand was just the time when there was the bad snow storm over Southern China. It covered 6 Southern provinces in snow creating a disaster. We actually saw the white fields (that is not clouds) of South China from the sky.

Snow on South China

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