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Krabi Rock Climbing

Donnerstag, Mai 15th, 2008

Finally I managed to sort through the pictures of our rock climbing holiday in Thailand. This was long ago but I still like the pictures. Thailand is a nice for escaping the cold weather of Beijing. And Krabi is a beautiful place to climb – it is the climbing spot of South-East Asia.

Thaiwand Wall Climbing

Tonsai Beach Climbing

Sunset in Tonsai

Ines Climbing Hidden World

Ines Climbing in Krabi

More interesting are the pictures with the wide angle lens. I just find it hilarious how it distorts faces.

Wide Angle Lens Face

When we flew to Thailand was just the time when there was the bad snow storm over Southern China. It covered 6 Southern provinces in snow creating a disaster. We actually saw the white fields (that is not clouds) of South China from the sky.

Snow on South China

Happy New Year

Donnerstag, Februar 7th, 2008

The year of the Rat has just begun. I got the stiches in my heel taken out. It can only get better.

Yesterday we celebrated our Chinese New Year’s Eve with our now 38 friends (2 came later) from Beijing with a Chinese banquette dinner with mainly Thai style food and pizza. The Chinese had imported some Chinese high percentage alcohol (Maotai). I tried to argue that as I had been taking antibiotics I unfortunately cannot drink alcohol. But it did not work, especially because Julien told the Chinese that I took my last tablet 5 hours before. So I did have to drink, but just a bit. Not as much as our Chinese friends.

We did the countdown for midnight according to the Beijing time so that we all could go to bed earlier (Thailand is 1 hour behind China). Getting up early for climbing before it gets too hot and being outdoors all day does make us tired in the evenings.

Happy New Year to all of you!

Rock Climbing in Krabi

Dienstag, Februar 5th, 2008

Well the titel says what I would like to be doing. Yes I am in in the rock climbing paradise of Thailand: Krabi. I am staying with my boyfriend in a hut in the jungle on Tonsai Bay.


All our 36 Chinese friends with families from Beijing are all staying in upclass resorts on the beautiful beaches of Railay Bay. But that is only a 30 minute hike or a 15 minute longtail boatride away. There are wonderful limestone cliffs everywhere.

Tonsai Bay with Longtail Boat in Krabi

Staligtites in Krabi

So on the first day I should not have jumped off the cliff like all the others. I did noty enter teh water with mt ass first like most of teh other people. I did come into the water really nice – that means I really went deep – … and there was some rock. So now my heel is healing.

Dangerous Cliff Diving

I was asking my Chinese friends if anybody brought some old climbing shoes that they could give me. But they did not. Yesterday morning I met the nice American from New Jersey who lives in Taiwan and he said he has an old bashed pair and I could have the left shoe. So now:

Hole in a Climbing Shoe

I can finally climb again! For rock climbing you only need to use the front of your foot, mainly the tips of your toes.

Rock Climbing with Heel Injury

So yesterday I climbed some easy routes. It was so much fun! I did not lead climb just some toprope. I am happy again. That is also why I suddenly started taking pictures. And it is really nice and quiet here on the rock climbing beach of Tonsai.

Rock Climbing on Tonsai Beach


Samstag, Februar 2nd, 2008

I am currently escaping the winter in warm Thailand. It is warm here with sunshine, ocean, white sand, palm trees and cliffs. This is perfect for a climbing holiday. I actually did climb the first day. Just some easy routes to get the feeling of leading and feeling of this wonderful rock. Then I hurt my heel (not during climbing – no it happened in the ocean) and now I have a lot of time to read books, drink tea, watch all the Chinese and other climbers. That is good too. And hopefully in a few days I can go climbing again.