German Hair Dressers

The moon and the stars were in the correct position for me to get a hair cut. I was about to leave home and just stop at the first barber shop that would cross my way when I hesitated as it was almost lunch time. As I am a clever girl I searched online for phone numbers of barber shops in the nearby town and called the first one to ask if they are open over lunch time. It turned out that I had to call 12 different hair dressers to find one that was open and had time for me to come on this day. In Beijing whatever time of day on whatever day you just walk up to any barber shop and can get your hair cut right away. I was startled that you even had to plan for a hair cut in Germany. Afterwards telling this story to a friend he just burst out laughing. He said that usually no barber shop is opened on Mondays anyway. he said I was lucky that I found one. It is good to learn new things every day.

In the evening I went out with a friend in Nuernberg. We first went to a Swedisch bar with cute looking Franconian ladies serving me the green colored happy hour cocktail before we were asked to leave at just after 1am by having the chairs around us put on the tables and the lights turned on really bright. It was very subtle – Franconian style. We then went to a small cave like underground bar Downtown. I really liked their high energy music, the perfect Margaritas, the posters behind the bar and the tiger fabric used as wallpaper in the entire bar. That would look great even in a bike shop!

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