Attic Treasures

Back in Germany I decided to look through some of the boxes that I had put on the attic of my parent’s house some years ago. One was my theater accessory box that I had long forgotten about. When I was 9 to about 12 years old me and the daughters of my parents friends used to play spontaneous theater, something like improv theater. We would roughly think of something, like who we were (sisters or friends or a family) and where we were and then invite our parents and just play whatever came to our mind first. That resulted in some funny conversations. One that I remember was us wearing grandma’s fur coats and fur hats and winter boots and then saying that we will go to the beach in Spain. We would dress up in clothes and worn out shoes that we found on the attic and use various accessories that I had collected. I am not sure what the main topic of our spontaneous theater acts was, but the huge amount of similar accessories that I discovered in that box does make me wonder…

Alcohol, Tobacco and Cigarettes

On the attic in other boxed I found some of the trophies from competitions that I participated in. I decided to take Chinese style pictures with me and my victory cups from competitions in cycling, gymnastics and even diving and skiing.

Competitive Trophies

Ines and her Bike with their Trophies

In the evening I took a picture with my parents in their garden.

Ines and her Parents

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