Herzogenaurach is famous for two brothers that continued the show making profession handed down by their father. But as they did not get along with each other they both opened their own companies – today known as Adidas and Puma.

Some years ago Adidas build a factory outlet shop in the outskirts of Herzogenaurach. Many people from all over Europe drive by to get special discounts here.

Herzogenaurach Adidas Outlet

Puma of course also has a factory outlet, but is now building a huge new Puma-City.

Herzogenaurach Puma City

Here is a view towards the village where my parents live. Actually most of the village is hidden in the valley behind the forest and in front of the antenna in the far distance. It was great weather today and not as cold as the past two weeks.

Franconian Fields

Between doctor’s appointments I had a picnic on a meadow. Nuremburg sausages, pepper sausages, ham wraps on a stick, filled zucchini, potato salad, red beet salad, cucumber salad, German bread and red current berries from the garden .

Picnic Food

In the evening I met a friend from Berlin. I had last seen him when he visited Beijing 20 months ago. We first had some Franconian dinner (Schaeufele mit Kloessen) and then some weird named cocktails in the rain. It was nice to see him after such a while.

Erlanger Schlossgarten

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  1. adidasi sagt:

    the food looks yummy!!!