Vitoria to Bilbao

My last day at the European Juggling Convention in Spain was a quiet one. It seems everybody must have partied hard the night before as the whole juggling field was empty. And that even still at 11:30am. Martin and Gerhard did some partner acrobatics for me. And I in return did some unicycling for Gerhard.

Partner Acrobatics

I then had to rush to catch the Vitoria-Gasteiz urban bus to the main bus station. The bus did not come as it was posted on the schedule, but actually 35 minutes later which almost made me miss the bus to Bilbao. And if I would have missed that I do not know if I would have made it to the airport on time for my flight. But it went well. I took some pictures out of the bus window along the highway from Vitoria to Bilbao. It felt like the 1 hour on the highway was a constant downhill roll.

Vitoria Mountains

And this was taken through the bus front windshield therefore it has so many insect smudges.

Bilbao Mountains

In Bilbao airport they must have just had a protest. The airport looked like a mess. And there were the bright stickers (made to hardly ever go off again) sticking everywhere. They said the complete staff working at the airport wants higher wages and better working conditions. But I am not sure the working conditions of the cleaning staff will be so pleasant the next few days. But at least the staff was not on strike and my flight back to Germany left on time.

Bilbao Airport

2 Responses to “Vitoria to Bilbao”

  1. Nic sagt:

    That last picture from the airport with all the stickers makes me think of all of the little advertisements outside of Lishuiqiao station. Sometimes, when I’m going to work in the morning, I see the removal process: a guy with a flame thrower burning them all to smithereens. I imagine they used a subtler cleaning technique in Bilbao.