Building up Bicycles

Busy bike building weekend. There were 2 bikes in the make today in the Natooke bike shop. A friend chose this beautiful French vintage track bike frame from Gitane.

Gitane Vintage Track Bike Frame

Another friend had bought a second hand steel road bike second hand (it is at least third hand) and came to convert it to fixed gear. Here is a picture of the bike before conversion (the red carpet in my shop makes the frame look pink, but it is actually white).

Chinese Steel Road Bike

He worked the whole afternoon on the bare frame to cut off the cable holders and the parts for holding the break. He used our angle grinder, metal saw, file and sandpaper.

Cutting the Frame with the Angle Grinder

After all the work it looked like this:

Road Bike Frame

Steel Road Bike Frame

In the late afternoon I had to go to see my acupuncture doctor to continue my therapy especially for getting my smell come back. After that I went to a friend’s house for a long and very nice dinner. It was great to see them and their son.

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