Jess Meider Concert

The “DiVINE” CD Release Party of Jess was so great! Such a good concert, great performance and nice vibe in the venue with energetic afterparty. Here are some pictures of Jess with Sarah Vossler (background vocals) and Zac Courtney (drums) and other musicians:

Jess Meider “DiVINE” CD Release Concert

Jess Meider and Band

The Italian juggler Federico Moro did a ball juggling performance with up to 5 balls choreographed to a new song of Jess.

Federico Moro Juggling Performance

Federico Moro Juggling 4 Balls

Federico Moro Juggling 5 Balls

Federico Moro Juggling 3 Balls

Jess Meider and Band with Marie-Claude

After playing all the new songs that are on the Divine CD then Meiyouwenti Records brought some reggae music with the DJ Oscar who gave us a nice grove for dancing.

Meiyouwenti Records Reggae Music DJ Oscar

Concert Afterparty Dancing

There was a nice article about the concert published in the Global Times. Check it out!

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