Two New Fixed Gear Bikes

The beautiful orange Gitane track bike is finished! I like this French old vintage frame in this bright color. And the pretty 70s style decals were almost all still intact. What a nice bike to ride around Beijing. Even though the Soyo long grips gave us huge blisters on our hands trying to get it over the bullhorn handlebars.

NATOOKE Gitane Track Bike

NATOOKE Vintage Fixed Gear Bike

My friend came again to the Natooke shop to continue working on his frame and making it as pure as possible. He cut off the extra holes which were for mounting the rack. And then he converted it to fixed gear. It is great to see this nice Chinese frame look so good.

Last Adjustments on Converted Frame

Chinese White Fixed Gear Bike Conversion

Fixie Bike and his Proud Owner

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  1. sourcedirect sagt:

    what a nice looking bike !
    all the best from bln,