Ines Show at German Center Beijing

Today the German Center for Industry and Trade in Beijing had their 10 Year Anniversary celebration in the Landmark Hotel. They had well prepared the vent with a huge wall of pictures of the past 10 years.

German Center Beijing 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

They had requested me to perform on their tiny stag. It was very long but unfortunately very narrow and un-expectedly covered with a quite soft carpet making it almost impossible to do any bicycle tricks. I did what I could do on my trick bike. The following pictures were taken by the photographers of the German Center.

Ines Trick Bike Performance

Ines Trick Bike Show

Ines surfing her fixed gear bike

Ines Riding on Backwheel

Our French friend and contact juggler Muakine also perfomed on an even smaller stage than mine.

Contact Juggler Muakine

There was also a Chinese face changing performer and a typical Chinese Kungfu group. Then Zack and friends played some nice Jazz music as the huge buffet was opened.

Zack and the Jazz Musicians

It was a very nice event. Here is a picture of the German Center management team in traditional German clothes and me wearing a Chinese qipao.

German Center management team in traditional German clothes

I cycled back home together with Zack. He now goes to his gigs carrying all his drums on his tricycle. And I was cycling home on my slow trick bike.

Zack and drums on tricycle

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