Andi’s Fixed Gear Bike Conversion

There are many people in Beijing that miss Andi, like me. He lived here in 2005/2006 and found his mountaineering passion here after I took him to come rock climbing with me in the freezing cold of Chinese New Year. And now what? He bough a vintage French road bike.

Vintage French road bike

And what did he do: he converted it to fixed gear. I have the feeling he is trying to copy me. Just joking! Look how beautiful his fixed gear bicycle looks despite the front and back brake that he needs for riding in the hilly town of Heidelberg:

Andi’s beautiful fixed gear bicycle

Andi’s beautiful fixed gear bicycle with front and back brake

It would be so cool to have him back in Beijing but it seems there are too many places in the world for him to be.

3 Responses to “Andi’s Fixed Gear Bike Conversion”

  1. Ines sagt:

    Dein Starrnabenfahrrad sieht echt geil aus, Mein Glueckwunsch! Wenn ich Dich mal besuche moechte ich das Rad gerne ausprobieren. Ich hoffe Du laesst mich 🙂
    Gruesse aus dem wieder verschneiten Beijing

  2. Andi sagt:

    Natürlich versuche ich dich zu kopieren! Aber da muss ich natürlich noch ein bisschen dran arbeiten…