SMEE Roundtable Panelist Ines Brunn

The Small Medium Entrepreneurial Enterprises (SMEE) monthly roundtable series on the first Wednesday of the month ask me to be a panelist for the topic:

One Year Later: Back from the Brink of Collapse

I was the entrepreneur that started my business just at the start of the financial crisis. The other panelists had their business already before the crisis. For sure I have learned a lot so far and I think it is actually a good idea to start a company in difficult times. It helps you focus on the important parts and how to make your business profitable with less resources. I definitely grew more personally and professionally than when I was working in a huge corporation.

We had  nice roundtable discussion with afterwards networking and dinner hors d’oeuvres. It was an interesting mix of people and I met some great people. They uploaded a whole lot of pictures to their website.

Ines Brunn at SMEE Roundtable in Beijing

Ines Brunn speaking about her business on the SMEE panel

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