Natooke Booth at China Cycle Exhibition in Shanghai

First day of the 2010 China Cycle Exhibition. I was astonished to see so many exhibitors getting in early in the morning. We actually had to wait a while in the crowd until we finally got in.

Exhibitors at Shanghai Exhibition Center

Our booth sidewalls had moved over night so we bought more tape to stick them back up. And here are many pictures of our first own Natooke shop booth with the booth chics and booth man:

Natooke Booth Left Side and the Booth Chics

Natooke Booth Back Side and the Booth Chic and Booth Man

Natooke Booth Right Side and the Booth Chics

Our booth was different than most booths. We wanted the people to interact with us. So we had the walls covered with some of the many newspaper and magazine articles about my Natooke store, the Respro anti-pollution masks and hump backpack covers, the Beijing fixed gear bicycle group, the STC cycling initiative and my trick bike performances.

Natooke Shop Booth at Chine Cycle Exhibition

Respro Masks at the China Cycle Exhibition

Natooke Bicycle Booth at Shanghai China Cycle

Bamboo Bike at Natooke booth

We would have liked to display more bikes but it would have been hard to transport them to Shanghai by train. So we decided only to take the bamboo bike made by my friend Zack Jiang. Bamboo is a green alternative to metal. This bamboo bike is made in the same geometry as my trick bike. Zack made it to prove that his bamboo bikes are really stable and do not brake even if I do my extreme bicycle tricks on this bamboo bike. The bike got quite some attention at the booth.

Bamboo Bike Attracting People

Of course I also met friends like Zhou Chang Chun who does some Chinese style bike tricks.

Bicycle Friend Zhou

As well as a cyclist friend from Tianjin called Baihua working in a newly started outer tire company that tries to look like CST brand.

Cyclist Friend Baihua

I performed bicycle tricks 2 times today on the bamboo bike. I made a webalbum with more pictures. But here are just a few.

Ines Bike Trick Performance

Bicycle Stunts by Ines in Shanghai

It was nice how easy it was to draw a crowd. And also people video taping that all said they have never seen anything like this.

Ines Brunn Cycling Show at China Cycle

Right after each show I got swamped with people. It was really fun. A lot were not believing that it was a real bamboo bike.

Ines Posing for Pictures after Performance

Ines Swamped by People after Performance

I met some great people that know me through the bicycle film festival, like Karta Healy.

Karta Healy at Natooke Booth

Also of course some Beijing friends like Master Yang had also travelled to Shanghai for this exhibition which is the biggest cycling show in China.

Beijing Master Yang in Shanghai

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