Low Carbon Conference and Trick Biking at China Cycle

In the innovation center of the China Cycle exhibition in Shanghai they had some interesting bicycle designs. My favorite was this really nicely done wooden bike in the form of a 60 for the 60th year anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.

Wooden 60 China Bike

There was a conference on „Low Carbon Emission“ so Shannon and I (who co-founded STC) went to listen to their ideas.

Low Carbon Emission Conference

It was actually about a bike ride from Beijing to Shenzhen called „China Tour“ to promote cycling as „Low Carbon Life“.

Low Carbon Life Event Logo Description

It is organized by the China Bicycle Association (CBA) together with the company Xidesheng (XDS). The launching event on May 16th in Beijing Chaoyang Park will be organized by a PR company.

Forever GM and the Beijing PR Company Leader

Then a few young cyclists did a circle in the venue with the China Tour outfit.

China Tour Bike Riders 2010

The 12 cyclists that will ride from Beijing through China down to Shenzhen have already been selected. But Shannon and I are looking for a way to participate with STC.

I did tricks on the real bamboo trick bike today again here at the Shanghai exhibition. I uploaded a video of it that you can watch here. It was a video taken between the halls. The bamboo bike is really stable

There was bicycle art by Fang Zu Han. He does nice pencil drawings. I prefer this one.

Fang Zu Han Bike Drawing

And this is him with the head of the CBA

Fang Zu Han and the Bike Association

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