Bike Tricks on Stalk Bamboo Bicycle

I am having the impression that there are less walk in visitors at this year’s China Cycle exhibition. But it is still fun to perform on the open area and watch how my bicycle stunts draw a crowd. Here are some pictures of me (Ines Brunn)  doing bike tricks on a bamboo bike made by Stalk.

Ines Brunn doing Bicycle Tricks at China Cycle Exhibition

Bicycle stunts on bamboo bike

Crowd is getting bigger watching Ines perform

Big circle of people watching Ines’ amazing bike tricks

Headstand on the Stalk Bamboo Bicycle by Ines Brunn

There are new buildings around the exhibition center that have not been there last year. Like this one that looks like it has caves for rock climbing. It really looks inviting. I wonder if anybody will try to climb it when it is finished.

Rock Climbing Building

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