CycleChina 2010 Exhibition Bike Tricks

Today was the final day of the CycleChina 2010. Our Natooke booth still looked nice.

Natooke Booth at CycleChina Exhibition in Shanghai 2010

I took a final tour around the other exhibition halls. I likes this new design bike done by design students from a Chinese-Danish-German collaboration. Even though I am not sure that it will ride comfortably. Also I might not do trick on it.

Special Design Bike

And again I did some bike tricks.

Ines Brunn at the beginning of a performance

Bike tricks on Bamboo Bicycle

Attracting Crowds with Bamboo Bike Tricks

Ines Brunn doing a Headstand on Bamboo Bike

There are more pictures of today on my webalbum. I also uploaded a video on youku which is the Chinese version of youtube. Each time it was so easy to attract a crowd of people. They then all wanted to take pictures of me and the bamboo bike.

Audience coming to take pictures after the bike show

People crowding around Ines to ask questions about bamboo bike

Ines Brunn in a crowd of amazed people

We were not in a rush to take down our booth which resulted in us being teh last in our hall to pack our stuff.

Packing up the Natooke Booth

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