Beijing TV Show about Fixed Gear Bikes

Elaine came and continued to work on her nice road bike from the USA. Today the main issue for converting it was the bottom bracket. The cartridge style bottom bracket just did not want to fit inside. Elaine was already feeling a bit down at this point:

Elaine and her bike conversion

My cycling friend from Chile is preparing for his 20 day bicycle trip in South China. He came the store today to show me his bike (which he converted from fixed gear back to multispeed road bike) with the paniers for the trip.

Nico ready for his bike ride in South China

And then we had the Beijing TV come, Guo Yan and a cameraman. This time it was  北京电视台生活节目: 生活面对面编导. They wanted to do a feature on fixed gear bikes, what they are about, why people ride them and how to ride.

Beijing TV Guo Yan in Natooke looking at fixed gear bikes

So some of  the Beijing fixed gear group came but had to wait for a while until Guo Yan finished interviewing me.

Beijing Fixed Gear Group Waiting

Then we rode to the Olympic village and the TV lady and cameraman drove there by car. We cyclists arrived so much earlier then them. By the time they came it was already dark and not so good for filming.

Filming Nie Zheng

Filming Fixed Gear Tricks

Then Guo Yan decided to try out my track bicycle with a huge crowd of Chinese watching.

Beijing TV Guo Yan and my Track Bike

Crowd watching someone first time riding Fixed Gear

After that we went for dinner back in the city.

Dinner together

And guess who also came to have food in the same restaurant: Cui Jian. The founder of rock music in China! He is the guy in white hiding on this picture.

Cui Jian Eating at the same Place

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