Chinese Hobby Trick Bike Cyclists

It is fun to meet up with Yu Changqing for our tricks together on one bike. Every time we meet there is someone new coming out of the woodwork. Somebody that played a role in the community of hobby trick cyclists in and around Beijing. Today we had a guy from Changping that had heard about us training and came to watch. He does juggling on his old flying pigeon for fun. He first showed us the one sided diabolo.

One Sided Diabolo on a Bike

Then he showed us the diabolo with a sling around the body.

Diabolo with a Sling on a Bike

Playing Diabolo while Track Standing

He can also play with the flower stick type of a devil stick. So he showed us that in the same position on his bike.

Playing Flower Stick on Bicycle

And even with this cyclist from outside of Beijing city of course coach Liang has some suggestions for him. He suggests that it would be better to balance on the front wheel when doing the devil stick. And he shows what he means.

Coach Liang giving Devil Stick Juggling Suggestions

And of course also 80 year old coach Wen has some comments to make on how to best keep balance on the bike and have the hands free to do other things.

Coach Wen giving Advice on Track Standing

Yu Changqing is very happy to be back on his bike doing tricks. It is great to watch him get more confident every time we meet up.

Yu Changqing Doing Bike Tricks

To warm up we do our tricks that are already going smooth like this „lixianghe“.

Yu and Ines Bike Tricks

Our „paerduo“ headstand trick is getting better.

Headstand Bike Trick

It is great to have the 2 coaches around that both used to do bike tricks themselves. Coach Wen does not say much but says it in a very precise manner. I really like him as our coach.

Coach Wen Making Good Suggestions

Of course also coach Liang had some comments to make on my arms.

Coach Liang Commenting on my Arms

So we tried the trick a few more times on this beautiful sunny day on the backside of Deshengmen and they were happy with the progress I was making.

Headstand in front of Deshengmen

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