Jiangsu TV Show with Li Ai and Peng Yu

Jiangsu TV station invited me to go to Nanjing to perform my bike tricks for a TV show. The hosts of the show were Li Ai (李艾) and Peng Yu (彭宇).

Ines Brunn with Li Ai and Peng Yu

The show was recorded and will be broad casted next month. I am looking forward to watching it. Here is a picture of the talented host Li Ai and me after the show:

Li Ai and Ines after the TV show recording

My friend Berta Tilmantaite from Lithuania who is studying photo journalism came with me to film my tricks for her short film project. You can see some of her work on her vimeo channel. She also took some amazing pictures. I only saw a few of them but as always I love how she captures the atmosphere extremely well.

This following picture is me falling asleep after receiving the show outline in Chinese late at night and then trying to translate and understand what I need to do or say on the TV show which took me till 2am and then having to get up at 5am for the early morning flight to Nanjing. And when we arrived at the TV station studio somehow nobody took care of us so I just fell asleep in the make up room. Even the make up girls on the other side were bored too.

Pre-Show Atmosphere

And this is me after a hectic „there is no time for you to get any food for lunch“ and „get your make up on quickly“ concentrating and trying out what kind of tricks I can do on my bicycle in the TV studio before the show started.

Concentrated Practice

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