Race Bikes and Media

Today the Flying Banana bike frames for the Jisu PK races arrived. They look so beautiful. We ordered them in the Olympic colors (except black). We are going to build them up for the first race that will be held on Saturday Jan 15th organized by STC. Natooke is sponsoring the bikes 🙂

Olympic colors bike frames

Beautiful Flying Banana Frames for JisuPK

Shannon put together this cool JisuPK promo video from some of teh events where we set up this kind of race last year. But last year we used cheaper bikes. I am so looking forward to JisuPk with these new frames.

Also a few weeks back Beijing TV came to film about „Smarter than Car“. I was not there, but you can watch the STC BTV special footage here.

Today was also one of these typical days at Natooke. A lady walks in and says „I write for the magazine „Business Times“. Please do some tricks on your bike now“. It is nice to get this attention from the media, but I do have to smile when I get asked to do bicycle tricks like that. Of course I was wearing my high heel boots and not really the clothes for tricks. But it is enough to do stunts to impress the photograpgers and editors or cameramen. I never would have thought that my 21 years of practice would be so useful one day  🙂 If I would have said 5 years ago when I did one of my last bicycle competitions that „One day I will be doing bike tricks on the streets of Beijing for business magazines“ nobody would have believed me. Life is fun!

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