I LOVE these Bikes

These bikes for our roller races are looking so nice. We decided to only have 3 of the 4 bikes, so the yellow one is currently not built up. We matched the rims and the frames, but we are waiting for the shipment of the green and yellow rims. I hope they come soon. But the blue and red bikes look so good.

Frame and matching rim color

And the Italian Modolo stem and Modolo drop handlebars with the nice curving match the beauty of the frames.

JisuPK Bikes Built Up

As our shop gets crowded on weekends Shannon suggested we bring the 3 JisuPK bikes to his place so he can fit them onto the rollers there. So Shannon, Dupree and me each carried a JisuPK bikes on our shoulders.

Smarter than Car Gang

But of course we did not walk. Each of us rode our fixed gear bikes. Please notice the amazing blue sky on this picture. I would like to point out that we have been having blue sky and sunshine for quite a long time already – the perfect weather for cycling (if you wear gloves and ear muffs).

Shannon carrying a bike on his bike

I tried to get a snap shot of all three of us on our bikes with the bikes but that was quite difficult with the traffic. So here just a picture of Dupree carrying the bike and the shadow of me on the left and also the shadow of Shannon on the right side of this picture.

The STC Gang on the Road

This night I decided to cook. I bought some tomato sauce in a can and cut some of the ham. After already cooking the spaghetti I realized that I do not have a can opener in the kitchen. That gave me a short burst of sweet thinking I will have to eat dry spaghetti. But the good thing is that I love  outdoor sports and in my outdoor gear boxes I of course found one of my swiss army knives with a can opener. Good that I have this survival equipment at home.

Swiss Army Knife saves Dinner

2 Responses to “I LOVE these Bikes”

  1. Duncan Leung sagt:

    Wow those bikes are really pretty! =)

    Sorry I haven’t been coming out to the shop much recently- it’s a long (cold) ride out to the city now =p

    Looking forward to when the weather warms up a bit.