Natooke Beijing Bikeboy Alleycat

It was hard work organizing the Bikeboy alleycat with such short notice but it was fun and a huge success! All of the Natooke team worked very hard. I uploaded various pictures of the day. Here are some of the preparation and before the start of the race. Big thank you to all our volunteers and cycling friends also for setting up a small booth with Natooke products such as bike frames, rims, wheels…

Natooke Booth at Bikeboy 2

Preparing the Race

The start of the Beijing Bike Boy Alleycat fixie bicycle race was like this: We started running from inside the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art out to our bikes that were laid in front of the entrance. There were 85 registered racer and it was amazing that no one stepped on anybody’s bike. Alleycat Race Start pictures

Bikes ready for the BJ Alleycat Race

Running to our Bikes

Jumping on our Bikes

As Natooke team was requested to race and later asked to organize the Bikeboy alleycat we had to do it the way that the checkpoint locations are communicated in advance. There was a start and end location plus 5 locations scattered across the city to make more than 1 possible route. At each checkpoint there were Alleycat Checkpoint Games.

Turning around a Bike Fork

Rim Roller Racing

All racers of the Beijing Bike Boy Alleycat had to come to the Natooke shop checkpoint where there was a ping pong game. Some came running without shirt.

Mitchell Arriving at Natooke

Team from America Arriving at Natooke

Lining Bike Boy Alleycat fixed gear race through Beijing ended at the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art in the 798 art district on the North East side of Beijing. The racers came back sweaty, dusty and tired but happy. Alleycat Race Finish

Race Finish Table

By the way, we have all the manifests at Natooke now. So if you want your manifest back as a souvenir, just drop by the shop.

Pile of Race Manifests

Natooke as the organizer of this bike race held the prize ceremony for the Beijing Bikeboy Alleycat race. The categories were women living in Beijing – Ines Brunn (Team Natooke) won, men living in Beijing – Ben Wareham (Team Natooke) won and men not living in Beijing – Jacob Klink (Team Natooke) won. The prizes for the winners were all sponsored by Lining. Alleycat Prize Winners

Ben Wareham - Winner of men (BJ)

Jacob Klink - Winner of men (non BJ)

Here is a picture of all the April 2011 Beijing Bikeboy Aleycat winners. Congratulations!

All the BJ Alleycat Winners

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