Death Prom Final Dress Rehearsal

The last day before the show and a dress rehearsal with a full „real time“ run through of the „Death Prom“ show. This is how worried our director Kris and producer Anna look like:

Director Kris and Producer Anna

I did some warm up on my bike before the run through the show. I also look tense and worried – but more because of my new trick bike show.

Ines on Trick Bike

The Prom Queen candidates are called up to the stage:

Prom Queens

All participants in the show had to dress up and interact with others according to 1 of 4 categories, either as queens, geeks, stoners or jocks. As we had no audience in this dress rehearsal we had to interact amongst ourselves like here a queen and a geek while others were dancing.

Queen and Geek Interaction

The show included some performances, mostly dancing. Thanks again to Michael Rahn alias Coach Riggens for all these pictures.

Tahitian Dancing

The the zombies started to come in the room:

The Zombies

The zombies were attacking the prom queen and the prom king and others:

Zombies are Attacking

Scary Zombie

Anna has set up her office here a few days ago for all the last minute preparation. Here is a picture of her office with all the Halloween goody bags:

Anna’s Office

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