National Fitness Day Performance

Today is the National Fitness Day in China. And that is just on the 1 year anniversary for the Opening of the Beijing Olympics. So there was a „Fitness of the Nation Carnival 2009“ at the National Olympic Sports Center in Beijing. I was asked to come and do my trick bike performance. Unfortunately in the morning just on the way there it stared to have a major thunderstorm. The whole area was soaked.

National Olympic Sports Center in Beijing

Cyclists at the National Olympic Sports Center

It did stop raining but I still had no hope that it would ever dry for me to be able to safely perform my bike tricks.

Fitness of the Nation Carnival 2009

My friends from the Haidian bicycling group were there. We took some pictures while waiting for the place to get drier. They had brought a bike trainer as well as a bike roller. The bike roller was quite dangerous as everything was wet.

Wet Bike Roller

Eventually it did get drier and the performances started. I liked the dragon diabolos. After them it was my turn to perform with my trick bike. I uploaded many pictures to a webalbum.

Ines Brunn Trick Bike Performance

Headstand on Bicycle by Ines Brunn

Dragon Diabolo

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