TED in Beijing

Do you know about TED? Well if not then you need to check out their website: www.ted.com

Today was the first TED event in Beijing. As it was an independently organized event but with the TED license it was called TEDxBeijing. And I was selected as a speaker! I was so excited when I heard that news on October 30th!!! Since then I was in an extreme speech preparation mode. I re-wrote my speech about 8 times. There were too many topics to talk about. It was hard for me to chose. In the end I chose the title: Changes of Perception. I was wanting people to change their perception about bicycles and re-consider to ride. Especially in Beijing.

Cars are the Current Status Symbol in China

Modern Building in Beijing Reject Bicycles and have no Bicycle Parking

And to inspire people that cycling is not just about pedaling I also did some tricks on my artistic bicycle. Of course… 🙂

Ines Brunn Tricks on a Bicycle at TEDxBeijing

There was some pictures of it on tech.sina.com of me speaking as well as doing tricks on my bicycle. Also I found some pictures of the event on flickr. And more pictures.

This was such a great event! So many great speakers and interesting topics. It showed the different perspectives of Beijing and China. We had live online screening of all the speeches. And the videos will be edited and hopefully soon uploaded. I am looking forward to that. Now I first need to get a good nights sleep!

Striving to re-vive the Bicycle Culture in China

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