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Pictures of Ines in SF

Sonntag, Juli 27th, 2008

A cool photographer Dustin Jensen from San Francisco uploaded really nice pictures of my performance outside the art exhibition of the SF bicycle film festival on SFwiggle. Thank you Dustin! Here are two of his pictures:

Ines Brunn performing in San Francisco

Wheely with no Hands and just 1 Leg

GREENing the BEIGE Opening Party

Freitag, Juli 11th, 2008

GREENing the BEIGE event is to create more environmental awarenenss through the means of art and combining it with a lot of fun. The 2008 opening party had a huge variety of interesting things going on. There was a market place with a garage sale and second hand clothes (the money you pay is completely donated to help the Sichuan Earthquake victims), organic food and fresh juices.

The Green Market Place

There was an informative presentation of the Long Green March explaining their nationwide project showing a movie about it.

The Long Green March Presentation

Beijing Fashion designers organized an eco-minded Fashion Show. Julien and I participated showing teh useof anti-pollution masks in transportation.

Ines and Julien Unicycling with Respro Mask

There was art displayed, photography, pictures, sculptures and video installations. The night continued with well known DJs playing great tunes and Oli juggling with glow balls. He did more than 5 balls but this is one of the nicer pictures I took:

Oli Juggling 5 Balls

Fire in Beijing

Mittwoch, Juli 9th, 2008

A while ago there was suddenly smoke from a burning building not too far from where I was.

Burning House

It was huge clouds, but I could not see which building it really came from as teh building was hidden behind the big white building. My colleagues called the emergency hotline. But it is different here than in other places: You hear no sirens nor any fire fighter brigade. The good thing was that it was a fire on a construction site and it did not last long. I hope that nobody got injured. The countryside people who come to the big cities to make some money for their families and get treated like nothing on the construction sites.

The other day I saw another fire. It was the front of a building on a construction site. I have seen that building and I was under the impression that they covered the front with a beautiful stone facade. But I do not think stone can burn so it p[robably was made out of some other material. At least here there were fire trucks standing around (they built a new fire station not too far away) trying to get the water hose to work. But everybody was very relaxed, because it was only the building burning and the construction workers were all safe.

Road Construction

Dienstag, Juli 8th, 2008

The road construction work seems so random here in Beijing. You cycle on the same road as every day and suddenly they removed the top layers of the asphalt. Or on my way home from work suddenly there are 2 foot wide sections across the cycling path missing, or lets say they are like 2 foot long pit holes that are about 3 inch deep. I was so lucky that somehow I did see them just before I hit and that I do have a hand break on my commuter track bike. Two days later those huge pit holes are gone again as if they had never been there.

Or you ride the road you always take and suddenly there is this smooth dark new asphalt. Really amazing.

But I do not like coming home and finding a piece of paper in the entrance of the appartment building saying that starting from the next day there will be 26 days of no hot water like it happened already twice this year. I just wonder why that repair takes so much longer than redoing a huge section of a major street. Oh well at least currently we do have hot water.

One guy working - others watching

Juggling Friends and the Cars

Montag, Juli 7th, 2008

Today was the rehearsal for the GREENing the BEIGE during our juggling group. I brought my props. At the end we started playing around. Suddenly Peter got into a car accident: 1 truck and 2 cars were involved… 🙂

Car Accident

Here are the people who were involved in that accident:

Juggling Friends

Juggling Stuff

Painting Cars in the Park

Sonntag, Juli 6th, 2008

What a beautiful Sunday. We spent most of the sunny day in the green park.

Relaxing in the Park

I have been working on a new artistic bicycle performance for the upcoming GREENing the BEIGE event. For that I needed cardboard cars and trucks as props. My younger Chinese climbing friends helped me paint the cars in the park. It was a team effort and great fun.

Painting Cars 1

Painting Cars 2

Respro Anti-Pollution Masks

Samstag, Juli 5th, 2008

How black an air pollution filter of my anti-pollution mask gets in only four weeks… Guess which one is the used filter:
Respro Anti-Pollution Air Filter

If you want to get your own mask or new filters: click here!

Fixed Gear Night Ride

Mittwoch, Juli 2nd, 2008

We were just 2 fixies but we had fun. The weather was quite okay. Only problem is that you get more air pollution at night in Beijing than in the day time. So I was riding with my mask.
Here is the link to the webalbum.

Bicycle Riding at Night

Filming Bike Riding

Dienstag, Juli 1st, 2008

Tianjin TV crew came to Beijing and filmed me riding from office to home on this rainy day. They wanted to film my face while riding and tried to mount the camera on the front of the bike. Unfortunately the camera was too heavy for the mounting arm and it always went down till it touched the front wheel.

Mounting the CameraFinished Camera Mounting