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Fixed Gear Ride in Hong Kong

Mittwoch, April 2nd, 2008

I am not that often in Hong Kong and I was so happy today that Brian from the HK fixed group decided to request a special ride so I could have some fun tonight. But unfortunately it started raining in the afternoon and kept a slight drizzle till the night 🙁

Next time I hope I can get out to ride with the group here. If you are interested, check the HK fixed website for the riding schedule. There usually are rides on Thursdays. Or just drop by in the RODAFIXA boutique in Central.

Climbers Gym in Hong Kong

Freitag, Januar 11th, 2008

Yesterday we tried to go climbing in Hong Kong. We would have preferred somewhere outdoor but the only outdoor wall closed early in the evening and the rates were quite high. We then found the Climberland:

Climberland Hong Kong

We went there by subway, then had to walk a bit. We got to the street it should be on but only saw factories. We found the house with the right house number according to the address (The address and the map on the above picture are the old ones. Climberland is now located in Kowloon…), but the big iron gate was locked. It was very dark in the street but we did manage to find a small piece of wood hanging quite high in front of the gate saying „climb“ and having something like a bell. We rang about 3 times but were not convinced that anybody would be behind the iron gate. When we were about to leave we suddenly heard some noise and actually somebody came and opened the door. He was very astonished to see foreigners, but he let us in. We had to take the industrial lift to the 3rd floor in which the bouldering place is.

It was really cool. It is in this industrial building. It is more like a club than a club where most people are members and have monthly or yearly cards. There were about 3 people there and they showed us some boulders. It is all very overhangy so our arms got pumped up really fast. Very nice atmosphere.

Unicycle Hockey in Hong Kong

Montag, Januar 7th, 2008

Today I went and met with the unicycle hockey group in Hong Kong. They meet every Monday evening at North Point on an outdoor court to play hockey while seated on unicycles. It is really fun. We played about 5 against 5 and it took us 2 hours to get a 11 to 10 win. Almost every time I hit the ball I fell off the unicycle. But is so much fun.

If you ever come to Hong Kong drop by and have fun. Here is the website that contains also other information about unicycling:

Unicycle Hockey Team of Hong Kong

Also if you are looking for information about outdoors in Hong Kong, this is a good website: