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Death Prom Interactive Theater Event

Freitag, Oktober 31st, 2008

Finally it is Halloween! We are hosting the Glendale High School Prom of 1958. The doors open and the big band starts to play some swing music. [All pictures are courtesy of other participants, none of these pictures are mine. A lot of pictures are on facebook]

Big Band

The principal of the high school is all excited about the prom:

High School Principal

The president of the chess club and the maths club and the science club (probably a geek) is leading through the prom program:

The Main Geek

Another geek and an Italian artist

Geek and Italian Artist

Ups, how did I get up there…

The Lift

The prom is going on with the teachers getting wild

Ms Pinkerton

Coach Riggens and a Geek

Drama Teacher and the Prom King and Queen

Then I did a special trick cycling performance. I tried to do something in the lines of the deadly topic of this „Death Prom“ using dark music. All these pictures are from fellow actors or audience members. Thanks to all of you. I made a webalbum with those pictures.

Trick Bike Show

Ines Trick Cycling

Then zombies started showing up.

Zombie with Arm

But after a big battle scene all the zombies were defeated – at least that is what it seemed like at first…

Defeated Zombies

…but they then all got up again and it turned out we were all dead!

Final Thriller Pose

Then it was just party and pictures 🙂

Zombie and Caesar

The Prom Queen

The Jugglers and the Queen

The Beauty and the Devil

After this very successful interactive theater event our producer Anna seemed to be very re-leaved and danced like crazy.

Anna Grace

Unfortunately I had fallen off my bike during the warm up before the show and then the printing company guy came 2 hours too late to bring me my flyers. Other than that I enjoyed the show!

Chris made this great short clip of our show: DEATH PROM TRAILER

德国美女伊泉的自行车特技表演 摄于2007长城国际自行车嘉年华赛场

Freitag, Oktober 31st, 2008

I found a blog post about my bicycle performance at the Great Wall Mountain bike competition last year.

2007年10月27日,“2007长城国际自行车嘉年华”(2007’Great Wall Bicycle Festival)在国内一流滑雪度假村——位于八达岭长城脚下的八达岭滑雪场举办。来自中国、美国、丹麦、瑞士、日本和中国香港的近300名自行车越野运动爱好者,参加了男子精英组、女子精英组、大学生接力组、俱乐部接力组、青少年组和VOLVO公司接力组的比赛。比赛之后进行了颁奖仪式。

Here are some pictures of my trick bike show.

Ines Brunn at Great Wall Mountain Bike Race



Death Prom Final Dress Rehearsal

Donnerstag, Oktober 30th, 2008

The last day before the show and a dress rehearsal with a full „real time“ run through of the „Death Prom“ show. This is how worried our director Kris and producer Anna look like:

Director Kris and Producer Anna

I did some warm up on my bike before the run through the show. I also look tense and worried – but more because of my new trick bike show.

Ines on Trick Bike

The Prom Queen candidates are called up to the stage:

Prom Queens

All participants in the show had to dress up and interact with others according to 1 of 4 categories, either as queens, geeks, stoners or jocks. As we had no audience in this dress rehearsal we had to interact amongst ourselves like here a queen and a geek while others were dancing.

Queen and Geek Interaction

The show included some performances, mostly dancing. Thanks again to Michael Rahn alias Coach Riggens for all these pictures.

Tahitian Dancing

The the zombies started to come in the room:

The Zombies

The zombies were attacking the prom queen and the prom king and others:

Zombies are Attacking

Scary Zombie

Anna has set up her office here a few days ago for all the last minute preparation. Here is a picture of her office with all the Halloween goody bags:

Anna’s Office

Halloween Event Rehearsal

Mittwoch, Oktober 29th, 2008

The Chinese International Performing Arts organization (CIPA) is organizing this interactive theater event on Halloween. We had a rehearsal in the venue to see how the flow of the „Death Prom“ show would be. Here a picture of our producer Anna Grace and the director/writer Kris Chung:

The Producer and Director 2 Days Before the Show

We are all listening attentively – some of us already in costume:

Cast Meeting

Then we all received a make-up lesson on how to make us all look deadly or like a zombie:

Make-up Lesson

Then we did the rehearsal of various parts of the show, especially the big deadly ending and the grand finale. Thanks to Coach Riggens for all these great pictures 🙂

Dance Rehearsal

Stage Rehearsal

Grand Finale

Wedding Lunch

Sonntag, Oktober 26th, 2008

Today my beautiful colleague invited to her wedding lunch. We had very good Sichuan food together with a lot of friends. It took me 3 hours to get there because I had people from Beijing TV film me riding my black Flying Pigeon bike all the way from home to the restaurant on this terrific sunny autumn day. That was fun too. After climbing in the Ritan Park we had dinner in the Ritan Highlife complex where there was some opening entertainment like jugglers, clowns, traditional Chinese dancers, something like flamenco dancers, a kid on unicycle and real Brazilian Samba dancers wearing the real costumes despite the chilly weather.

Chinese-Caribbean Celebration

Samstag, Oktober 25th, 2008

Diana is a food-blogger. She was asked to prepare, cook, serve a meal as well as documenting the whole event in pictures and writing within 24 hours. So she invited friends for this Chinese-Caribbean dinner. She wrote an entry about this event on her blog within 24 hours. She cooked very delicious Chinese-Caribbean fusion food and we drank Hibiscus Mojitos to it. These are her pictures – (I had no camera) – to give you an idea of the atmosphere in the Hutong kitchen:

The Chef Diana

Chinese-Caribbean Fusion Food

Dinner Guests

Chinese-Caribbean Celebration Team

Rehearsal for the Halloween Death Prom

Samstag, Oktober 25th, 2008

It is creeping closer: The Halloween night Death Prom at Block 8. It will be a night of theater and performers like dancers, jugglers, magicians and trick bike riders on October 31st 2008 in Beijing. We had another rehearsal for this excitingly different event.

Halloween Death Prom 2008

A show that you don’t just watch, you experience. Come and join the Glendale High School’s Class of 1958 in a night to remember, with a live band, swing dancers, and flesh-eating zombies! Death Prom features the collaborative efforts of different international performing groups in Beijing. This Halloween, come party with us… and bring your friends!

Dress Code –  Three options:

1. Formal dress (like a prom/school dance)
2. 1950s style clothes
3. Scary Halloween costumes (zombies, witches, vampires, etc)

Death Prom Picture

Trick Cycling

Samstag, Oktober 25th, 2008

A friend of mine took some pictures while I was doing a private trick cycling performance. Here are the best pictures:

Saddle Scale

Handlebar Scale

Headtube Seated Wheely

Side Scale

Handlebar Stand

Mongolian Yurt and Second Hand Rose

Freitag, Oktober 24th, 2008

If you come to Beijing and want to experience a nice lamb dinner in a Mongolian tent (called yurt) – then go to the restaurant near Dongdan. We went there and had our own little yurt with our own waitress. Each yurt is a luxury tent as they have their own air conditioners. We did not order a full lamb, but really enjoyed the Lamb back. Later even some Mongolian singers came to sing for our guests from overseas.

Mongolian Yurt Restaurant

Afterwards we went to my favorite Chinese band called Second Hand Rose Band. In Chinese their name is 二手玫瑰. They played again in the Get Lucky bar. We arrived late but there were still 2 pre-bands playing. I was confused to see the Second Hand Rose lead singer with almost no hair and not wearing a dress nor high heal shoes. Also he was not able to put the typical rose into his hair anymore. I really always loved his outfit as well as the appearance and intensity on stage. That was missing today.

CIPA Event Preparation Meeting

Donnerstag, Oktober 23rd, 2008

We are in the process of forming an international organization. It is the „China International  Performing Arts“ (CIPA) Association. We want to get the different forms of performing arts, like theater, comedy, magic, circus, acrobatics, juggling, dance, jazz and orchestra to be able to synergize and help each other. For the beginning we are planning an event together. For that some of us met tonight to prepare some space related objects like stars, moons, flowers, space ships and a robot.

Flower FactorySpace Shuttle Preparation

Star Factory

Robot Factory

Robot Head Factory

Mr. Robot

And after that I met some colleagues in a bar in Sanlitun. It was quite nice to find out that all drinks for the ladies were free 🙂