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Gala of the Israeli Juggling Convention

Samstag, April 23rd, 2011

I was invited to the 18th Israeli Juggling Convention to perform at the International Gala Show. Here are some pictures that a cool photographer named Oren Ziv took. I copied 3 really nice ones from Oren Ziv:

Ines Brunn performing at the Israeli Juggling Convention

Ines Brunn doing a Headstand on the Bicycle

I really like this picture that Oren Ziv took in the most perfect moment of me doing my special jump off the bike.

Ines Brunn doing a Jump off the Bike

I have my own pictures of the group of international performers after the show. We were Florent Lestage (who had performed with me at the European Juggling Convention in Vittoria), Eric, Hans van Wynsberghe, Joris Verbeeren, Stefan and Cristiana Sing, Matt Hall and me.

International Performers at the 2011 Israeli Juggling Convention Gala Show

BJ Bikeboy Alleycat Videos

Montag, April 18th, 2011

Here are some amazing videos from the April 16th Beijing Lining Bikeboy event.

The first video is done by Shannon who had his camera mounted on the fork of his bicycle and got some amazing shots.

The second video is done by „Niurenku“. There team had come to film during the event. I like that they went to 4 of the 5 stations and filmed there too as well as of course the beginning of the race. But I need to improve my Chinese.

Natooke and Bikeboy

Lining Bikeboy Party

Sonntag, April 17th, 2011

After the Beijing Bikeboy Alleycat race Lining organized a fixed gear bike party with MC hotdog, DJ Sam Lee and 24 Herbs boy band. And of course us fixed gear riders. Mitchell and me representing the whole Team Natooke got to stand around on stage for a long while.

Mitchell and Ines from Team Natooke

Ines Brunn on the Bikeboy Stage

After a while Mitchell and I started to get bored and started track standing:

Team Natooke Mitchell and Ines Track Standing

Then was our moment where we were given 60 sec to show some tricks on the tiny stage. Mitchell and I did synchronized backward circles.

Ines doing Backward Circles

The fixed gear party included the fun STC JisuPK. It was setup on stage and Sara and me from Team Natooke raced against the guy from Japanese T19. It was a long 500m race and I actually won!

STC JisuPK system at Bikeboy

Team Natooke wins against Team T19

Ines and Xiao Ou

We took some pictures with the different crews. Here is me and the American FTC team with the famous skateboarder John Cardiel.

Ines and John Cardiel from FTC

Here are Mitchel and me with the Taiwan Nabiis guys.

Ines and the Taiwan Nabiis Guys

And here is me and a guy from the Japanese T19 team

Ines and Japanese T19

Here are more pictures of the Lining Bikeboy Party.

Our fixed gear bike friend Peter Carney had set up lights and taken shots of the various fixed gear rides during the event. At the end when he and his partner were starting to pack up the Natooke staff started goofing around in front of the camera. That was so much fun!

Natooke doing the Fred Jump

Doing a wild Jump

Funny Jumping

Cycling without Bikes

More goofy pictures here.

Video of Natooke for Bike Boy

Sonntag, April 17th, 2011

Before the Lining Bike Boy event there was filming of the different fixed gear bike teams. So they came and dressed us up in Lining clothes and shot this short clip about our NATOOKE fixed gear cycling team. Click here to see the video.

It would be nice to see a longer version of this…

Natooke Beijing Bikeboy Alleycat

Samstag, April 16th, 2011

It was hard work organizing the Bikeboy alleycat with such short notice but it was fun and a huge success! All of the Natooke team worked very hard. I uploaded various pictures of the day. Here are some of the preparation and before the start of the race. Big thank you to all our volunteers and cycling friends also for setting up a small booth with Natooke products such as bike frames, rims, wheels…

Natooke Booth at Bikeboy 2

Preparing the Race

The start of the Beijing Bike Boy Alleycat fixie bicycle race was like this: We started running from inside the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art out to our bikes that were laid in front of the entrance. There were 85 registered racer and it was amazing that no one stepped on anybody’s bike. Alleycat Race Start pictures

Bikes ready for the BJ Alleycat Race

Running to our Bikes

Jumping on our Bikes

As Natooke team was requested to race and later asked to organize the Bikeboy alleycat we had to do it the way that the checkpoint locations are communicated in advance. There was a start and end location plus 5 locations scattered across the city to make more than 1 possible route. At each checkpoint there were Alleycat Checkpoint Games.

Turning around a Bike Fork

Rim Roller Racing

All racers of the Beijing Bike Boy Alleycat had to come to the Natooke shop checkpoint where there was a ping pong game. Some came running without shirt.

Mitchell Arriving at Natooke

Team from America Arriving at Natooke

Lining Bike Boy Alleycat fixed gear race through Beijing ended at the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art in the 798 art district on the North East side of Beijing. The racers came back sweaty, dusty and tired but happy. Alleycat Race Finish

Race Finish Table

By the way, we have all the manifests at Natooke now. So if you want your manifest back as a souvenir, just drop by the shop.

Pile of Race Manifests

Natooke as the organizer of this bike race held the prize ceremony for the Beijing Bikeboy Alleycat race. The categories were women living in Beijing – Ines Brunn (Team Natooke) won, men living in Beijing – Ben Wareham (Team Natooke) won and men not living in Beijing – Jacob Klink (Team Natooke) won. The prizes for the winners were all sponsored by Lining. Alleycat Prize Winners

Ben Wareham - Winner of men (BJ)

Jacob Klink - Winner of men (non BJ)

Here is a picture of all the April 2011 Beijing Bikeboy Aleycat winners. Congratulations!

All the BJ Alleycat Winners

Natooke – LiNing Bike Boy Alleycat Fixed Gear Bike Race and Party with JisuPK

Montag, April 11th, 2011

Soon will be the Beijing Li-Ning Bike Boy Alleycat Bike Race ( It will be held on Saturday April 16th starting a 2:30pm in the Beijing 798 art district at the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art. It will be a fun race through the city to 5 different check points and then back to the starting point. There will be prizes for male and female racers from Beijing as well as separate prizes for male and female racers from other cities. So if you have a fixed gear bike then quickly register ( and come on out and have fun with us.

Natooke - LiNing Bike Boy Alleycat Fixed Gear Bike Race

After the alleycat bike race there will be a Li-Ning fixed gear party at the 798 Iberia Center for Contemporary Art. The party includes guests like Sam Lee, 24 Herbs from HongKong, Taiwan MC HotDog, Japan T19 Fixed Gear Team, American FTC Fixed Gear Team ( and also the STC JisuPK race system

In preparation for the alleycat race let us do a bike ride on Wednesday April 13th starting at 8pm at Natooke shop ( Natooke shop is one of the race check points. Let us ride to all the other check points so that we know where they are. If you do not have a fixed gear bike then let us know as we have a few for rent. But please book one in advance to make sure we are not booked out.

Alleycat race registration ends on Wednesday April 13th 11:00pm so please be quick to register:

Looking forward to seeing you on your bikes! Let us blast around the city.

Ines and the Natooke team.

Beijing Alleycat Fixed Gear Race Spokecard

Natooke&李宁Bike Boy野猫赛与极速PK和派对

北京李宁Bike Boy野猫赛就要开始了(。本次比赛将在416日星期六下午230分正式开始,起点是798艺术园区的伊比利亚当代艺术中心。这将是一次有趣的比赛,你要寻找市区内的五个检查点然后回到起点。本次比赛还设有本地组男子和女子奖项奖品及外地组男子合女子奖项奖品。所以如果你有死飞车的话,赶紧来http://bikeboy.natooke.com注册报名然后和我们一起玩吧。

野猫赛结束后,还会有李宁死飞派对,也在伊比利亚当代艺术中心。派对邀请了李灿森SamLee和他的朋友香港24HERBS,以及台湾MC HotDog热狗,日本T19车队,美国FTC车队(。当然还有比车牛的极速PK


注册野猫赛的截止日期为41323点,所以请尽快注册哦: 很期待在你的自行车上见到你!让我们在北京城里风驰电掣一下吧!