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Natooke in New York Times Article

Dienstag, März 5th, 2013

It is great to find this recent New York Times article mentioning the cool new Chinese in tight jeans riding fixed gear bikes hanging out at Wudaoying Hutong and coming to Natooke fixie bike store. Click here for the full article called „A streak of Brooklyn in Beijing“.

It is a nice short article mentioning some of the cooler shops in the traditional hutongs of Beijing. If you ever come by Beijing you should stop at some of these and definitely come to our Natooke bike store.

Bike Polo in Chengdu

Freitag, März 1st, 2013

Finally I came to Chengdu mainly to see how the Natooke Chengdu shop is doing and see what is happening here in the cycling scene. It was easy to spontaneously convince the Larry and Jake to play a little bit of bike polo today – even though it was a Friday and it was in the daytime. Unfortunately Jake had to stay in the shop take care of it. We did not post this polo meet up anywhere so just a few people came, but we were enough to play polo.

Chengdu Spontaneous Bike Polo

The average age of the Chinese people that showed up was slightly higher than in Beijing.

Chengdu Chinese Woman Bike Polo

Chinese Old Style Bike for Bike Polo

Amazing Chinese Woman Playing Bike Polo

She actually was just passing by and found the game interesting. She then stopped and chatted with us. So we gave her the mallet and she right away jumped on her bike to try it out. But after a while she understood that she might first need to get some practice with the mallet and ball but not riding a bike. So she started running around the court getting the feeling for the mallet.

Chinese Woman Practicing Polo

I asked her how old she was and she answered that she is getting younger every day. She had amazing energy and ball handling skills.

Elderly Woman Excited about Bike Polo