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Dirty Dancing Rehearsal

Dienstag, Februar 3rd, 2009

Anna Grace Carter and Kris Chung are putting on another show gathering the International performing arts community of Beijing. This interactive theater event is based on the 1987 movie „Dirty Dancing“ and has other performers integrated in the show. In the auditions in December I got chosen to play the role of the dance instructor Penny. So the past 10 days I have been rehearing the dancing parts with Johnny and Baby almost every day. Today was the first rehearsal of the whole cast together.

Here is a picture of the rehearsal of the fight scene between the dance instructor Johnny and the resort manager Martin.

Fight Scene Rehearsal

Balancing Balls

Montag, Februar 2nd, 2009

Fede is a master of balancing balls on his head. He walks around town like that. Everybody stops and turns to see. At the Beijing Jugglers group workshop he teaches others the basics of balancing balls on your head.

Ball Balancing Game

Ritan Park Rock Climbing

Sonntag, Februar 1st, 2009

The sky was not as clear today, so the sun did not come through as much so it was slightly cooler. But I still met Lao Hu for some climbing in Ritan Park. Actually it is still warmer than it has been in some of the past years when we came here for rock climbing during Chinese New Year. We used wear down jackets and huge warm gloves in between the climbs. I remember having frozen fingers and toes.

Handstanding Lao Hu

I was taking some pictures of my apartment today. The saddest thing is that the balcony on the back of the kitchen is too small for my bikes. So they are jammed in like chicken in a chicken farm. Or like „Ölsardinen in der Dose“.

Jammed Bikes