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Kickstand for Fixie

Dienstag, Mai 25th, 2010

Wow, I have my first customer that asked how to attach a bottle cage to the frame so that he can carry water bottles when he rides. He is not a person focuses on the simplicity of the bicycle. Because what did made me laugh was the kickstand that he had now mounted onto his Natooke fixed gear bike. At least it was not a real Flying Banana but just the cheaper frame.

Hard to Steal Fixed Gear Bikes

Dienstag, Mai 25th, 2010

A friend of mine sent me the link to this great cartoon called Yehuda Moon & the Kickstand Cyclery. It is all about urban cycling and life owning a bike shop. The strip of yesterday is about fixed gear bikes and that there is no need to worry when they are stolen as many people cannot ride them.

Fixed Gear Bike Thieves need to be careful

Here are some more cartoon strips that I really like:

Well there are many other good ones. I love Yehuda Moon, Joe, Thistle and the Kickstand Cyclery!
Creating a Hang Out area in the Kickstand Bike Shop
Engineering Degree for Bike Shop

Birthday Party

Samstag, Mai 15th, 2010

A friend Hacene threw a great birthday party in a huge amazing design studio where he has his office. His friends decided to make lipstick kiss mouths on the birthday cards. But not from girls.

Getting Lipstick

Kissing the Birthday Card

Other guys were pretending they were busy so that they did not get any lipstick.

At the Design Studio Party

Fan Picture

Freitag, Mai 14th, 2010

Today a fan came. He said he watched my TED speech and he is now my fan. Then we took a picture together.

Ines Fan at Natooke

He then asked me to sign on the backside of a picture of a girl and put it back in his wallet.

NyK Gookbye Dinner

Donnerstag, Mai 13th, 2010

Today we finished another pink aluminum urban Natooke track bike for a customer. This one for Hao does not look bad either.

Natooke Track Bicycle for Hao

Today was the goodbye dinner for Nico & Katiushka before they leave for their 20 day bicycle Tour de Chine. We had it at in the Dim Sum place near the Ditan Park.

Dim Sum Goodbye Dinner for NyK

As they are going back to New York after their bike ride they distributed their last belongings like this flashy hat/lamp.

Giving last things to friends

Then we went to my shop as Nico still did not have a helmet and I had a huge one that I donated to him. Doesn’t he look really fast with it. And now having a helmet he thinks he can ride bike with one eye closed.

The fast Nico with new Helmet

Katiushka had the feeling her bottom bracket was loose so Nico did the final adjustment with love.

Final Bike repair before the Bike Tour

And then they were as merry as ever.

NyK before their big trip

As I still cannot smell Julien convinced me to drink some beer. So here a unique and never seen before picture:

Ines drinking Beer

Elaine’s Conversion and Other Bikes

Mittwoch, Mai 12th, 2010

Yeah, finally! Elaine finished to convert her bicycle to fixed gear.

Elaine with her finished bicycle

That was after a lot of trouble. Especially with the bottom bracket. But with Fede’s great idea we did finally manage to get that fixed. And also things like the seat post that had this very special size of 25.6 mm so that the more typical 25.4 mm would just be too small. The frame is an old steel road bike frame made by the American company Ross. Elaine got it from her good friend in New York City that wanted to throw it away. In memory of her friend and husband she is now calling it the „Hot Sash“. And it is beautiful.

Elaine’s Hot Stash Bicycle

Elaine wrote her own impressions here.

Many customers come to my Natooke shop and are overwhelmed by the fact that they can chose their own colors and parts for their own very unique bike. Dong Dong is one of them but I think she is coming closer to finding what she wants. Here is what she is thinking of because it reminds her of a special tree in Beijing that currently has that green color and such pink blossoms:

Dong Dong Tree Blossom Bike

Today we also finished a bike for Ran. He would have likes a different color frame, but we are out of cheap frames so this pink one was the only option. But I think with the blue and black and white it actually looks more male.

Ran’s Natooke Bike

Beijing TV Show about Fixed Gear Bikes

Dienstag, Mai 11th, 2010

Elaine came and continued to work on her nice road bike from the USA. Today the main issue for converting it was the bottom bracket. The cartridge style bottom bracket just did not want to fit inside. Elaine was already feeling a bit down at this point:

Elaine and her bike conversion

My cycling friend from Chile is preparing for his 20 day bicycle trip in South China. He came the store today to show me his bike (which he converted from fixed gear back to multispeed road bike) with the paniers for the trip.

Nico ready for his bike ride in South China

And then we had the Beijing TV come, Guo Yan and a cameraman. This time it was  北京电视台生活节目: 生活面对面编导. They wanted to do a feature on fixed gear bikes, what they are about, why people ride them and how to ride.

Beijing TV Guo Yan in Natooke looking at fixed gear bikes

So some of  the Beijing fixed gear group came but had to wait for a while until Guo Yan finished interviewing me.

Beijing Fixed Gear Group Waiting

Then we rode to the Olympic village and the TV lady and cameraman drove there by car. We cyclists arrived so much earlier then them. By the time they came it was already dark and not so good for filming.

Filming Nie Zheng

Filming Fixed Gear Tricks

Then Guo Yan decided to try out my track bicycle with a huge crowd of Chinese watching.

Beijing TV Guo Yan and my Track Bike

Crowd watching someone first time riding Fixed Gear

After that we went for dinner back in the city.

Dinner together

And guess who also came to have food in the same restaurant: Cui Jian. The founder of rock music in China! He is the guy in white hiding on this picture.

Cui Jian Eating at the same Place

Ricky’s Road Bike Conversion

Montag, Mai 10th, 2010

I do like old bikes that are converted into fixed gear. Probably because I like vintage bikes in general. Well despite the issues that Elaine is currently having Ricky decided to convert a Chinese road bike.

Stripping Down a Chinese Road Bike

The problem is you never know what issues you would run into. The first one that Ricky had was while trying to open the threaded headset the fork broke off! Then we realized that this second hand bike must have had a crash as the fork was completely bent backwards.

Before we noticed the bent fork

Goldsprints at Ditan Folk Music Festival

Sonntag, Mai 9th, 2010

Today we packed up all the equipment for the goldsprints bicycle race and loaded it onto our Natooke tricycle.

Beijing Goldsprints Bike Race System on a Tricycle

Jib cycled with us on a unicycle getting even more attention than the foreigner on a tricycle.

Jib on a unicycle in Beijing

It was a beautiful day today to be in the Ditan park of Beijing and set up our stationary bicycle race on my fixed gear bikes. This was already the second day of the annual Folk music festival and Beijing’s best folk rock music bands were playing on this sunny Sunday.

Setting up JisuPK at the Ditan Folk Music festival

This is already the third time that we are organizing a goldsprints event in Beijing. And this is also the third event in all of China as we STC are the first ones to organize these fun bike races in the kingdom of bicycles. We call it JisuPK which means roughly high speed challenge and gets the Chinese interested.

Chinese having fun at the JisuPK race

I have more pictures of today’s goldsprints event here. I was happy to see the Chinese having fun at this despite the fact that it is a bicycle 😉

Fighting hard to be the fastest on the bicycle

Happy JisuPK bike race winner

And it was even better to see Chinese woman race and ride hard and fast. Go girls go!

Chinese Girls riding hard and fast

Tianjin TV „China Right Here“ Show Environmental Topic: Ines Brunn – the „Fairy on Wheels“

Sonntag, Mai 9th, 2010

The Tianjin TV documentary about my thoughts to a greener Beijing and blue sky that was broadcasted last year is now online. You can watch the full 30 minute film at this link: 单车天使 Fairy on the Wheels – Ines Brunn 伊泉. It shows my participation in the 2008 Greening the Beige event with my bicycle performance, how I cycle everywhere in all kinds of clothes, and how we started the Beijing fixed gear group. As well as my efforts to promote cycling for a better environment and blue Beijing sky.

Let us make Beijing’s sky become more blue


Ines Brunn in Fairy on Wheels Documentary

Unrelated but interesting: Bobby Spokes made a comment on a South China Morning Post newspaper letter claiming that bikes are in the way of Porsche and Ferrari drivers in Hong Kong. He wrote: „You can throw a bit of science in. Cycling can take a quarter off a person’s perceived age and a third off the emotional and metabolic age. …“. I did not know that. And I could not find any scientific evidence yet. But that is probably why everybody thinks I am so young. You should cycle more too 🙂 I also found an article in China daily about cycling in Beijing.