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Rain, Plants and Bikes

Mittwoch, Juli 22nd, 2009

Currently like every summer it is the rainy time in Beijing. I wanted to participate in a bike race today, but it had been canceled last minute. They said there was a strom with rain approaching. And yes it did. Here is the view of the Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD) during the heavy rain

Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD) in rain

And this is a picture just 30 minutes after the rain. Suddenly the CCTV Headquarter building and the World Trade Center 3 tower as well as the Yintai Building with the highest hotel are visible again.

Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD) after rain

All the rain means that the city is quite green. I parked my old Flying Pigeon bike for 7 days and this is how it looks like. I find it beautiful. But unfortunately I had to remove it.

Plants Overgrowing Classic Flying Pigeon Bicycle

Plants Overgrowing Classic Flying Pigeon Bicycle Handlebar