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Statue of Liberty in Tokyo

Mittwoch, Januar 16th, 2008

I didn’t know that Tokyo also has a Statue of Liberty.

In the background you can see the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower.
Statue of Liberty

Monday in Roppongi Tokyo

Dienstag, Januar 15th, 2008

Tokyo has a big scene of track bike riders riding on the streets. When I arrived I saw one guy, but I was on a bus so I could not stop and talk to him. Well even if I had not been on the bus the probability that he would have been able to understand what I said might not have been that high. Yes, that is because I do not speak any Japanese. That makes things harder here.

After I came out of a nice basement restaurant near Roppongi on the lamp post right in front of my was this nice Bianchi Pista fixed gear bike. I do not really like the color (this is the standard Bianchi Pista color), but I would rather own that then none. Well, I would not add that brake on the front tire…

But I still have no track bike yet. I have been searching for the right solution for many months already…

Bianchi Pista Track Bike

Maybe I should not have drunken so many cook-tails with weird names…

Roppongi Tokyo