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Ines Brunn in CCTV Show “想挑战吗” 伊泉-飞车上包饺子

Montag, März 22nd, 2010

A few years ago I was in the China Central Television (CCTV) show called „Wanna Challenge“ and had the bet that I could make 10 Chinese dumplings while standing on a moving bike within 180 seconds. And I won!

This show is the Chinese version of the ZDF „Wetten Dass“ show which I had a bet in 1998. Here is the link to the CCTV site.

德国姑娘伊泉(Ines Brunn)自信满满 挑战现场飞车上包饺子
央视国际 2006年09月29日 19:05 来源:

Ines Brunn CCTV 德国姑娘伊泉自信满满 挑战现场飞车上包饺子







Ines Brunn TED Speech on The Beijinger blog

Montag, März 22nd, 2010

Today I met with Shannon to discuss our route for the upcoming STC Friday Night bike ride. As we were looking for a suitable Chinese restaurant to have a dinner after that ride we opened „the Beijinger“ website to look through their restaurant listings. And guess what: A picture of me is on their blog. I had to smile 🙂 It is about the TEDxBeijing and they linked to my TED talk on bicycle culture in China.

They wrote: Early this month we did a post on the TEDx Beijing talks appearing as videos online. TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design – is an annual gathering of the world’s leading thinkers that has been described as “the ultimate brain spa.” TEDx is a series of local programs in various cities, and last November saw the first TEDx gathering in Beijing. Since our original post another three new talks have appeared and are now available for viewing.

In the latest videos, “artistic cyclist” Ines Brunn speaks about the perception of bicycles in Beijing, CNN news anchor Kristie Lu Stout talks about her passion for story telling, and Ben Tsiang speaks about his experience at SINA and the motivation and inspiration behind the founding of CNEX cafe and screening centre.

China Daily Article on Bike Culture Research of Anthony Siracusa

Mittwoch, März 17th, 2010

Today there were two articles in the China Daily newspaper. The first one was about our visiting friend Anthony Siracusa that is traveling the world. Here is the link to the original article on the online version of the paper.

Global cyclist records capital’s lost culture
By Todd Balazovic (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-03-17 07:56

Pedal power no longer a moving force in city

Beijing’s bicycling culture is on its way to extinction. This is the stark appraisal of cycling expert Anthony Siracusa, who has spent the last eight months studying different bicycling cultures around the world.

Anthony Siracusa on a Natooke Fixed Gear Bicycle in Beijing

„It’s not extinct here, but I would say the bicycle culture is an endangered species in the Chinese urban environment,“ Siracusa told METRO.

The 25-year-old American is one of 40 people to have been given a one-year fellowship in 2009 by the Thomas J Watson Foundation, a US organization started by the son and daughter of Thomas J. Watson who founded computer giant IBM.

The fellowship provided 196,000 yuan ($28,000) to help him pursue his one-year documentation of bicycle cultures on four continents. He has so far spent $23,000.

He has already visited Copenhagen – a place he describes as one of the most advanced in terms of bike culture – Amsterdam, Melbourne, London and Berlin.

„These are all places in various areas of development in their Bicycle culture,“ Siracusa said.

Beijing was once known as the „Bicycle kingdom“ of the world, but after he arrived in Beijing on March 1, Siracusa realized the situation was grim.

Global cyclist records capital’s lost culture

Anthony Siracusa wins a grant to cycle on a year-long trip around the world. Guan xin / China Daily

„As my taxi drove farther and farther into the city I kept on saying to myself, certainly there will be more bikes once we are in the city center, but they just weren’t there,“he said. He said seeing Beijing’s declining bicycle culture was difficult to take.

„I’ve come here to see this declining bicycle culture, but to see it first hand and to know it in your mind intellectually are two different things.“

Though Beijing may not have as high a percentage of cyclists as other developing biking communities, this city does have its strengths, he said.

Beijing’s bike infrastructure is quite easily one of the best compared to almost all of the cities he’s been to. The number of bike lanes, bike racks outside of businesses, and bicycle traffic lights are comparable to Copenhagen, Siracusa says.

Not surprisingly he attributes Beijing’s declining cycling culture to the city’s rapid adoption of the car as its favorite means of transport.

„Just riding here today, there were cars lined up almost as long as street, all stuck in traffic, meanwhile the bike lanes were almost empty,“ he said. „It’s interesting to see how the development of car culture can limit and inhibit, or in this case, stunt, the growth of bike culture,“ he said.

Most his research, he said, takes place simply by hopping on a bike and cruising around the city, even if that means braving the cold.

In Beijing he has spent more than three hours a day for the last eight days cruising the city on his current bike, a Giant XC770 lent to him by the Natooke bike shop in Beijing, observing traffic flows, infrastructure and other bikers.

Siracusa said everywhere he goes he able to quickly tap into the local biking community and either build his own bike from spare parts – he has built five on his journey so far – or find someone willing to lend him a bike.

„I will usually just walk into a shop and start chatting with the owners. Once they see that I’m keen, they will usually be more than happy to help out,“ he said.

In addition to first hand observation and examining policy documentation, Siracusa said he also talked with bike enthusiasts in each area to understand the local culture.

„I hope to inspire them with my dedication to learning about the way that bicycles can transform lives and transform cities in positive ways, because that’s really what I’m about,“ he said.

After Beijing, Siracusa’s next stop is Guatamala where he intends to work with a small Guatamalan company helping produce bicycle-powered farming machines.

China Daily (In the China Daily newspaper of 03/17/2010 printed on page 36)

China Daily Article about Smart Commuting in Beijing by Bike

Mittwoch, März 17th, 2010

The second article in the China Daily newspaper today was about Shannon Bufton, STC and how he and I want to inspire smart people to use the bicycle in Beijing instead of being stuck in traffic jams. The online article can be found on their website. Here a copy of the article for reference:

Bike enthusiasts gear up to convert commuters in city
By Todd Balazovic (China Daily), Updated: 2010-03-17 07:56

Shannon Bufton says cycling is a great way to get around the capital of China

Shannon Bufton says cycling is a great way to get around the capital. Guan Xin / China Daily

With an ever-increasing number of cars on Beijing’s streets, some expatriates are pushing to counteract the clog by forming a group of dedicated cyclists which aims to push awareness of commuting options.

The group, Smarter Than Cars (STC), was formed by former urban designer and bicycling enthusiast Shannon Bufton and Ines Brunn, the German owner of the Natooke bicycle shop in the Wudaoying hutong.

They formed the club in late January and have begun organizing mass bike rides for expatriates and Chinese alike in Beijing.

„We do it during the peak hour of traffic so that people who are sitting in cars hopefully see us and realize that it’s a quicker, more efficient way of travel,“ Bufton, of Australia, said.

A big launch of the STC club will be held at the end of March, when it will announce its website and introduce an iPod application the group has been developing, Bufton said.

The application will help users track their movements cycling through the capital by utilizing the Global Positioning System program installed on the iPhone. After they reach their destination the device will tell the user the journey time and average speed.

„In the end we will be able to calculate the average speed of the whole of Beijing in terms of bicycle use,“ he said.

Users can rate their route according to safety and quickness. The information will then be uploaded to the club’s website.

In addition to providing information, STC is also conducting research. Using about 30 volunteers of varying age, weight, and physical condition, Bufton and company will have the volunteers ride a set distance on different types of bicycles along varying terrain. Participants will monitor their heartbeat and use the data to show how easy it is to ride long distances on modern bicycles.

But his main goal is to simply provide information and support for those looking to get out on a bike.

„I think residents of the city are already starting to look for alternative ways of getting around,“ he said. „Cars are great, but actually the practicality of getting around on the weekend and during peak hours is pretty horrendous.“

The idea for the STC club came to Bufton after he hosted an after-work surprise party for a friend. He scheduled the party at 9 pm on a Friday so that everyone would have to get out of work and eat before coming to the party.

But after putting out a few plates of finger food, it was quickly devoured by party guests Asking around, Bufton discovered that because of Friday night traffic, everyone who had taken taxis didn’t have time to eat. Those who had ridden their bicycles, however, had eaten.

„It made us realize that cycling is not just more environmentally friendly, it’s a smarter and more efficient way of getting around the city,“ Bufton said.

For more information about rides with the cycling group contact

BBC News: Beijingers get back on their Bikes

Donnerstag, März 11th, 2010

Today I found an article on BBC about Beijingers getting back on bikes. It has a focus on teh electric bikes. But I am happy with anyone using a bike as transportation in the center of Beijing. Click here for the full article on BBC News site.

Global Times News Article: No gears, but a business license

Montag, März 8th, 2010

Today there were more articles about our Natooke opening party yesterday. The one in the Global Times was written very nice. Here is the link to the original version.

No gears, but a business license
Source: Global Times [23:35 March 08 2010]

The opening party of Natooke last weekend. Photo: Matthew Jukes
The opening party of Natooke last weekend. Photo: Matthew Jukes

By Matthew Jukes

An impromptu street party broke out in Wudaoying Hutong over the weekend to mark the official opening party of Natooke.

The shop has been in place for a while, as a hub for the fixed gear bike and juggling groups that it caters to, but on Sunday the owners decided to celebrate the arrival of their business license in style.

„We thought we’d have the party in spring because it would be warm. It’s going to snow tonight!“ said CEO Ines Brunn. „We hope that there will be more people that get on their bikes in the city and come ride with us. Oh and that more people start juggling!“ she added, before disappearing into the throng.

By early afternoon a juggling workshop was well under way, thanks to the shop’s director, and Beijing juggler Federico Moro, surrounded by a ring of eager learners of all ages.

„It has been great, everyone is really happy. We’re setting up as a good business in this neighborhood, no one else is doing something like this on this street,“ said Moro, after his workshop. According to the juggler, this shop is the first of its kind to sell juggling equipment to the individual practitioner, a concept that hasn’t taken off in China yet. „Juggling is spreading all over the world. In China I want to be here for that and help it to develop,“ he added.

As the learners made their way into the shop to get out of the cold with a few balloon animals, cheers rose up from the crowd as another pair of participants got on to the Goldsprint machine (a kind of bike simulator) to test their biking potential from the comfort of the shop.

As always with an outdoorsy crowd, there was a bit of a green message. The shop was passing out reusable plastic bottles for the crowd and a slogan on a red banner urged everyone to respect the environment.

Vance Wagner, a green conscious friend of Natooke, had popped down to celebrate. „I think this means that the culture of bicycling is becoming cool again,“ he said. „This is another place that provides an alternative mode of transport to cars.“

As the day progressed, the shows grew steadily more and more spectacular, impressing the crowd with a trick bike display and street performance routine. Passersby and friends of the shop alike were also equally happy to take part in toasting to congratulate the shop as champagne was passed round and party poppers were let off.

Judging by the remaining crowd at the end of the day, the little alternative hub in Wudaoying looks set for success for the coming times.

Ines Brunn at Natooke Opening Track Stand Competition

There are also some more articles written in Chinese on various websites across China.



“骑自行车既方便,又环保,我们都很喜欢。”来自德国的伊泉是自行车达人,还在五道营里开了自行车商店,专卖形形色色的“组装车”,昨天下午她带着自己的车友一起在胡同里“秀”车技,“静止”、“穿梭”,赢得阵阵叫好声。伊泉告诉记者,为了倡导低碳健康生活,以后每周五下午都将在胡同中上演“车技秀 ”,“希望越来越多的北京人也加入到我们的活动中,倡导绿色出行。”

Ines Brunn on cover of Zirkolika Magazine

Montag, März 8th, 2010

By chance I discovered that I was on the cover of Zirkolika magazine a few months ago. It is a really nice picture taken at the European Juggling Convention in Spain where I had been invited as a guest performer with my circus style trick bike show for the Grand Gala.

Ines Brunn Trick Bike Performance on Zirkolika

Zirkolika is a very famous magazine in the circus arts community. What an honor to me on the front page.

Articles about 耍-NATOOKE-商店: Shop Opening Party

Sonntag, März 7th, 2010

Regarding our 耍 - NATOOKE - 商店: Shop Opening Party today there were already quite some articles online on various sites also with pictures of our event.

A very nice article was on the
自行车引领低碳生活 五道营召开国际交流会(图)
2010-03-07 20:54 来源:千龙网 作者:黎江 共 0 条评论 关键字:五道营胡同,低碳,碳排放

今天下午,东城区五道营胡同举行了一场别开生面的“低碳生活国际交流会”,来自美国、德国、英国、法国、加拿大、意大利、澳大利亚等16个国家的50多位外国朋友,通过杂耍、车技展示等新鲜有趣的方式,与胡同居民和孩子们倾情交流,宣传“低碳出行”概念,倡导骑行自行车、减少碳排放。“绿色北京、低碳出行 ”的理念,也在这次交流活动中更加深入五道营居民心中。

Fede Moro at Natooke Opening Party 暖场的杂耍表演吸引了不少小朋友
Fede Moro at Natooke Opening Party 暖场的杂耍表演吸引了不少小朋友

千龙网北京3月7日讯(记者黎江 通讯员周义峰)今天下午,东城区五道营胡同举行了一场别开生面的“低碳生活国际交流会”,来自美国、德国、英国、法国、加拿大、意大利、澳大利亚等16个 国家的50多位外国朋友,通过杂耍、车技展示等新鲜有趣的方式,与胡同居民和孩子们倾情交流,宣传“低碳出行”概念,倡导骑行自行车、减少碳排放。

自行车爱好者们在胡同内交流 at Natooke Opening Party
自行车爱好者们在胡同内交流 at Natooke Opening Party


Another article was on Xinhua news website.
2010年03月07日 18:26:26  来源:新华博客

JisuPK 少年儿童用表演诠释低碳出行

I like this picture of our track standing competition during our bike and juggling shop opening party.

Ines Brunn at Natooke Opening 自行车表演


活动现场悬挂着“国际化的五道营创意无限”、“低碳出行,低碳生活”说明了这个活动的主题。这个活动既有少年儿童的游戏表演,又有国际著名的Fixed Gear 自行车俱乐部会员的车技表演,中西方文化在这里同台献技,旨在宣传绿色北京、低碳北京,从我做起、从现在做起。



东城区五道营商业联合会会长刘源泉在接受记者采访时说:“此次活动是绿色奥运、绿色北京的延续,低碳就要从身边做起,各国友人的参与给活动增色不少,我们会长期做下去。” (摄影/高群)

Track Standing Contest in Beijing

Inside Natooke Shop

Natooke Opening Party Guests

There were also some other articles:

  • One on 中国节能环保网讯. “低碳生活国际交流会”在五道营拉开帷幕 Full article here. Written by 投稿
  • Another one on 文化中国culcn.cn讯. It is the „Wenhua Zhongguo“ China Culture site. “低碳生活国际交流会”在五道营拉开帷幕Full article here. Written by 投稿邮箱
  • Another one on “低碳生活国际交流会”儿童用表演诠释低碳出行(组图)Full article here.

SMEE Roundtable Panelist Ines Brunn

Mittwoch, März 3rd, 2010

The Small Medium Entrepreneurial Enterprises (SMEE) monthly roundtable series on the first Wednesday of the month ask me to be a panelist for the topic:

One Year Later: Back from the Brink of Collapse

I was the entrepreneur that started my business just at the start of the financial crisis. The other panelists had their business already before the crisis. For sure I have learned a lot so far and I think it is actually a good idea to start a company in difficult times. It helps you focus on the important parts and how to make your business profitable with less resources. I definitely grew more personally and professionally than when I was working in a huge corporation.

We had  nice roundtable discussion with afterwards networking and dinner hors d’oeuvres. It was an interesting mix of people and I met some great people. They uploaded a whole lot of pictures to their website.

Ines Brunn at SMEE Roundtable in Beijing

Ines Brunn speaking about her business on the SMEE panel