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Articles about 耍-NATOOKE-商店: Shop Opening Party

Sonntag, März 7th, 2010

Regarding our 耍 - NATOOKE - 商店: Shop Opening Party today there were already quite some articles online on various sites also with pictures of our event.

A very nice article was on the
自行车引领低碳生活 五道营召开国际交流会(图)
2010-03-07 20:54 来源:千龙网 作者:黎江 共 0 条评论 关键字:五道营胡同,低碳,碳排放

今天下午,东城区五道营胡同举行了一场别开生面的“低碳生活国际交流会”,来自美国、德国、英国、法国、加拿大、意大利、澳大利亚等16个国家的50多位外国朋友,通过杂耍、车技展示等新鲜有趣的方式,与胡同居民和孩子们倾情交流,宣传“低碳出行”概念,倡导骑行自行车、减少碳排放。“绿色北京、低碳出行 ”的理念,也在这次交流活动中更加深入五道营居民心中。

Fede Moro at Natooke Opening Party 暖场的杂耍表演吸引了不少小朋友
Fede Moro at Natooke Opening Party 暖场的杂耍表演吸引了不少小朋友

千龙网北京3月7日讯(记者黎江 通讯员周义峰)今天下午,东城区五道营胡同举行了一场别开生面的“低碳生活国际交流会”,来自美国、德国、英国、法国、加拿大、意大利、澳大利亚等16个 国家的50多位外国朋友,通过杂耍、车技展示等新鲜有趣的方式,与胡同居民和孩子们倾情交流,宣传“低碳出行”概念,倡导骑行自行车、减少碳排放。

自行车爱好者们在胡同内交流 at Natooke Opening Party
自行车爱好者们在胡同内交流 at Natooke Opening Party


Another article was on Xinhua news website.
2010年03月07日 18:26:26  来源:新华博客

JisuPK 少年儿童用表演诠释低碳出行

I like this picture of our track standing competition during our bike and juggling shop opening party.

Ines Brunn at Natooke Opening 自行车表演


活动现场悬挂着“国际化的五道营创意无限”、“低碳出行,低碳生活”说明了这个活动的主题。这个活动既有少年儿童的游戏表演,又有国际著名的Fixed Gear 自行车俱乐部会员的车技表演,中西方文化在这里同台献技,旨在宣传绿色北京、低碳北京,从我做起、从现在做起。



东城区五道营商业联合会会长刘源泉在接受记者采访时说:“此次活动是绿色奥运、绿色北京的延续,低碳就要从身边做起,各国友人的参与给活动增色不少,我们会长期做下去。” (摄影/高群)

Track Standing Contest in Beijing

Inside Natooke Shop

Natooke Opening Party Guests

There were also some other articles:

  • One on 中国节能环保网讯. “低碳生活国际交流会”在五道营拉开帷幕 Full article here. Written by 投稿
  • Another one on 文化中国culcn.cn讯. It is the „Wenhua Zhongguo“ China Culture site. “低碳生活国际交流会”在五道营拉开帷幕Full article here. Written by 投稿邮箱
  • Another one on “低碳生活国际交流会”儿童用表演诠释低碳出行(组图)Full article here.

Natooke Bike and Juggling Shop

Donnerstag, Januar 14th, 2010

This afternoon I took some pictures of our Natooke bicycle and juggling equipment shop. We are currently getting various products delivered and waiting for a lot more that we ordered before the Chinese New Year holiday. I uploaded all pictures of how our store looks like today to this webalbum.

Natooke Bike and Juggling Shop in Beijing

Inside of Natooke Bicycle and Juggling Store

Italian Juggling Balls in Natooke

Play Juggling Equipment Shop

Bicycles and Juggling in Beijing

Beijing Jugglers Workshop

Montag, November 16th, 2009

As every Monday night the Beijing Jugglers group met at the bar called Yugong Yishan. Today probably due to the very icy cold weather not many people came.

European Jugglers

Fede was mainly juggling balls.

Fede Balancing a Ball on his Head

Fede Overhead Juggling

Fede Juggling Five Balls

And I tried some tricks on a static bike for a performance in Tokyo where I will only have 3 times 4 meters.

Static Trick Bike Performance

Jess Meider Concert

Samstag, November 14th, 2009

The “DiVINE” CD Release Party of Jess was so great! Such a good concert, great performance and nice vibe in the venue with energetic afterparty. Here are some pictures of Jess with Sarah Vossler (background vocals) and Zac Courtney (drums) and other musicians:

Jess Meider “DiVINE” CD Release Concert

Jess Meider and Band

The Italian juggler Federico Moro did a ball juggling performance with up to 5 balls choreographed to a new song of Jess.

Federico Moro Juggling Performance

Federico Moro Juggling 4 Balls

Federico Moro Juggling 5 Balls

Federico Moro Juggling 3 Balls

Jess Meider and Band with Marie-Claude

After playing all the new songs that are on the Divine CD then Meiyouwenti Records brought some reggae music with the DJ Oscar who gave us a nice grove for dancing.

Meiyouwenti Records Reggae Music DJ Oscar

Concert Afterparty Dancing

There was a nice article about the concert published in the Global Times. Check it out!

Natooke Shop listed on many Chinese Websites

Mittwoch, September 30th, 2009

I found our Natooke bike and juggling shop listed on various Chinese websites. I will just a few here. website fashion site fashion site where to tour site where to buy site

Natooke on

Montag, September 14th, 2009

I found an entry about our Natooke Juggling and bicycle shop on on the travel website of What a surprise to be mentioned here as a special store on the cool Wudaoying hutong street in the center of Beijing.

北京最时髦的街巷淘宝完全攻略(组图) 2009年09月14日10:52 精品购物指南


Ines Brunn Fixed Gear Shop Natooke死飞自行车商店


这是五道营胡同里最有意思的一家商店了,由来自法国的伊泉经营,专门售卖“死飞”自行车的零件,所以你可以在这里DIY出心仪的个性“死飞自行车”。“死飞自行车”的英文为:“FIXED GEAR BIKE”,是一种在北京刚刚开始流行的街头运动,需要用脚力、腿力来控制单车的加速或刹车,还可以做很多花样技巧例如倒轮骑、漂移等。老板伊泉虽然是女孩子,却是资深死飞党,玩这项运动已经20多年的历史了,如果你想了解酷帅的“死飞”,可以来找她。

Last Juggling for 3 Weeks in Beijing

Montag, August 31st, 2009

Today was the last day before Fede will go to Africa. And I am going to go to Europe in 3 days. So this was the last Beijing Jugglers Group meet-up until September 23rd.

Fede Saying Goodbye

But also for some other jugglers it was the last time with us in Beijing. Like our multi-talented Joe that had just spent 4 hard weeks at the Chinese National Circus School in the South of Beijing to increase his acrobatics, staff juggling and 5 ball juggling skills. He was in Beijing for almost 1 year and now had to go back to the USA to continue his studies.

Joe Juggling Five Balls in Beijing Juggling Group

It was a sad juggling evening. But in 3 weeks we will start again.

Beijing Jugglers Saying Goodbye

First Fixed Gear Bike Shop in China

Dienstag, August 18th, 2009

Yes, here it is: The first bicycle shop in China focused on fixed gear bikes! The logo is a green banana and the name is NATOOKE

NATOOKE Fixed Gear Bicycles and Juggling Equipment Store

This store is dedicated to urban cycling. You will not find a bike with gears in this shop, so no road bikes nor any mountain bikes. All bicycles are single speed and mainly have a fixed back wheel, meaning no ability to coast. Like the bikes used in the velodrome these are track bikes with horizontal dropouts in the back end of the frame to be able to adjust the chain tension. This is extremely suitable for cycling in the flat and nicely paved Beijing urban city. The shop has all the different parts required to build up a fixed gear bike like the fixed gear hubs, flipflop hubs, cogs, lock rings, rims, tires, seat posts, saddles, stems, handle bars, handle bar grips, chains, cranks, chain rings, pedals, cages, toe clips, straps… Each customer can chose what brand, what style and which color he prefers so that we can put together that one-of-a-kind unique bike.

Beijing Natooke Bicycle and Juggling Shop

This shop also has a huge selection on urban cycling accessories, like T-shirts, lights, bags, reflective bag covers, anti-pollution masks and other things related to cycling in the metropolitan areas.

Natooke Bike Shop with Urban Cycling Accessories

The NATOOKE store is even more unique: It is the world’s first shop dedicated to fixed gear bikes and juggling equipment! You can find anything here around the topic of juggling: Different sizes, weights and colors of juggling balls, glow balls, contact balls, acrylics, juggling rings, juggling clubs, devil sticks, diabolos, poi, fire juggling equipment, staff, yo-yos, frisbees, rola bolas (also known as balancing boards) and many more fun toys to play with. This is the best juggling equipment that you can get in all of China. It is mainly imported from Europe.

Natooke Fixed Gear Bike and Juggling Equipment Store

This fixed gear bike and juggling store is located in the center of Beijing city in the trendy new hutong called Wudaoying. That is right next to the North Second Ring Road just West of the famous Lama Temple. There are 2 subway lines that have a station here as well as many bus lines. So if you do not yet have a bike you can easily come by using public transport. Here is a map of the location of the NATOOKE shop indicated by the small green banana:

Map of NATOOKE Fixed Gear Bike and Juggling Equipment Shop

Fixed Gear Bike and Music

Donnerstag, August 13th, 2009

My friend Xiao Lu dropped by the shop today. He had the typical fixed gear injury a few weeks ago: Two of his fingers got squished between the chain and the cog while he was helping a friend fix his flat rear tire. But he was lucky none got really chopped off. He showed me his new fixed gear bike. Unfortunately he cannot really ride it as his fingers need to heal first.

Xiao Lu’s Fixed Gear Bike

In the evening Jess and her 3 band members had again a concert in Yugong Yishan. Jess was playing some of her new songs that her and the band are currently recording for her new upcoming songwriter CD. Fede did some glowball juggling during one of the songs. My small camera is not good enough to take pictures in such low light environments.

Fede Moro Glowball Juggling

Jess Meider and Band at Yugong Yishan

Finger Fitness and Juggling

Mittwoch, August 12th, 2009

The juggling workshop in the big space called „The Orange“ in the Village is great. The ceiling is so high and whatever you are practicing – like my friend Jib spinning staff – you always have enough space.

Beijing Jugglers Group - Spinning Staff

Today the finger fitness pro Greg Irwin showed up. He does special finger isolation training for musicians and magicians. It is amazing how he can coordinate each finger muscle. There are some great videos online.

Finger Fitness Greg Irwin

Hand Health

Finger Faces by Greg Irwin