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Searching for Mushrooms

Sonntag, September 6th, 2009

After meeting a friend for breakfast my parents and I had lunch at a place that is only open on Saturday and Sunday for lunch and only has a limited number of dishes. I had traditional Franconian pork shoulder with skin and the Franconian potato dumplings but could not finish the huge portion. After that we set out into a nearby forest to search for mushrooms. It had been very dry the whole summer but just a few days ago my parents said it had rained and they were assuming that finally there would be some mushrooms.

Searching the Franconian Forest for Mushrooms

We spread out and each of us were checking clearly the ground. In all directions of the forest. My father is on the below picture

Searching the Franconian Forest for Mushrooms

But all we could find was a field of sunflowers.

Field of Sunflowers in Franconia

And they were quite big.

Huge Sunflower in Franconia

Friedrichshafen Euro Bike

Samstag, September 5th, 2009

The weather was wonderful in Friedrichshafen. I could see the mountains of Switzerland from the couch where I was staying.

Friedrichshafen Mountain View

Today the bicycle trade show was really crowded as it was also open to teh public. But I still enjoyed meeting some of my old and new bike friends from around the world.

Ines Brunn and Bike Friend at Euro Bike

Ines Brunn and Bike Friend at Euro Bike

Ines Brunn and Bike Friend at Euro Bike

Afterwards I took the train to my parents place. That was a long and exhausting day.

Euro Bike Exhibition

Freitag, September 4th, 2009

I flew to Germany for some holiday and also to have a look at the European bicycle industry trade show in Friedrichshafen. The Euro Bike exhibition was quite big. A huge majority of the bikes were mountain or trekking bicycles. But I did find some nice track bikes. Like some traditional Italian style, like this beautiful one from Olmo:

Olmo Fixed Gear Track Bike

Or newer designs like from Viva:

Viva Fixed Gear Track Bikes

There was also a used bike polo bike displayed by the German Fixie company:

Fixie Bike Polo Bicycle

I made a webalbum with more pictures of nice track bikes. Also Cinelli had some beautiful steel frames on their booth:

Cinelli Fixed Gear Track Bikes

It was also great to meet some old and new friends. And I was astonished that it is possible to do CouchSurfing in Friedrichshafen which is such a small city at the border of Germany.

Fixed Gear Hub is a Brake

Donnerstag, August 6th, 2009

I have heard about these discussions in many places. Is it safe to ride a fixed gear bike with no hand brake? Well in Germany you have to have 2 brakes on your bike to be allowed to ride on the streets. According to this article a fixed gear rider had won in court. He was accused to have been riding with only a front hand brake and missing back brake. But according to German description a brake is defined as a permanently installed device to reduce the speed of the vehicle. And sure if you have a fixed gear hub you can use that to reduce your speed – therefore it is a brake. But the guy still had to pay money for not having reflectors nor cateyes and was also riding without a bell. I did not know that it was required by law in Germany to have a bell on your bike…

I liked these bikes near my home that seemed to not have been ridden for a long time.

Bike Overgrown by Plants

Plants Covering Chinese Bike

Munich Airport

Dienstag, Juli 14th, 2009

My last day in Germany was nice. It stared with a breakfast with a friend from Hamburg in the traditional „Tee-Haus“ in Erlangen. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture. We will have to do that next time we meet. Then I went to say hi to some friends in the nearby bike shop and get some things sorted at my local bank. After that I had a very delicious goodbye dinner at home. My parents cooked fine beef roulades with Franconian dumplings, red cabbage and a variety of garden salads. That tasted so good.

And then it was time to say goodbye and realize how heavy my bags were. It is good that you do not need to book a specific train in Europe, but you can take any similar connection with the same train ticket. There was one train that I wanted to get, but the time was flying and there was some probability that I could miss that one. Many discussions on what would be the best route did make us take the most efficient road so that I arrived with a comfortable 10 minutes before departure.

After check-in in Munich I met another friend that I have not seen for a while. He looks great like always. And then it was flying back to Beijing and arriving only 9 hours later.

Ines at Munich Airport


Montag, Juli 13th, 2009

Herzogenaurach is famous for two brothers that continued the show making profession handed down by their father. But as they did not get along with each other they both opened their own companies – today known as Adidas and Puma.

Some years ago Adidas build a factory outlet shop in the outskirts of Herzogenaurach. Many people from all over Europe drive by to get special discounts here.

Herzogenaurach Adidas Outlet

Puma of course also has a factory outlet, but is now building a huge new Puma-City.

Herzogenaurach Puma City

Here is a view towards the village where my parents live. Actually most of the village is hidden in the valley behind the forest and in front of the antenna in the far distance. It was great weather today and not as cold as the past two weeks.

Franconian Fields

Between doctor’s appointments I had a picnic on a meadow. Nuremburg sausages, pepper sausages, ham wraps on a stick, filled zucchini, potato salad, red beet salad, cucumber salad, German bread and red current berries from the garden .

Picnic Food

In the evening I met a friend from Berlin. I had last seen him when he visited Beijing 20 months ago. We first had some Franconian dinner (Schaeufele mit Kloessen) and then some weird named cocktails in the rain. It was nice to see him after such a while.

Erlanger Schlossgarten

Attic Treasures

Sonntag, Juli 12th, 2009

Back in Germany I decided to look through some of the boxes that I had put on the attic of my parent’s house some years ago. One was my theater accessory box that I had long forgotten about. When I was 9 to about 12 years old me and the daughters of my parents friends used to play spontaneous theater, something like improv theater. We would roughly think of something, like who we were (sisters or friends or a family) and where we were and then invite our parents and just play whatever came to our mind first. That resulted in some funny conversations. One that I remember was us wearing grandma’s fur coats and fur hats and winter boots and then saying that we will go to the beach in Spain. We would dress up in clothes and worn out shoes that we found on the attic and use various accessories that I had collected. I am not sure what the main topic of our spontaneous theater acts was, but the huge amount of similar accessories that I discovered in that box does make me wonder…

Alcohol, Tobacco and Cigarettes

On the attic in other boxed I found some of the trophies from competitions that I participated in. I decided to take Chinese style pictures with me and my victory cups from competitions in cycling, gymnastics and even diving and skiing.

Competitive Trophies

Ines and her Bike with their Trophies

In the evening I took a picture with my parents in their garden.

Ines and her Parents

Flight to Spain

Mittwoch, Juli 8th, 2009

This morning I packed up my trick bike into my bicycle travel bag and got my things ready for my trip to Spain. The flight is actually shorter than all the travel by buses to get from the airport to the venue where I am booked to do trick bike performances. Here is a goodbye picture with my mother.

Ines Goodbye

Meeting Friends and Doing Sports

Dienstag, Juli 7th, 2009

Today was a full day meeting many friends. Some I met for breakfast or a tea.

Erlangen Friends

Erlangen Friends

Then I went to the artistic cycling training and practiced for my upcoming performances.

Artistic Cycling Girls from Erlangen

After that I went to the artistic gymnastics training. It was nice to see some friends from years ago. And it was even more fun to do gymnastics, especially on the horizontal bar, as they unfortunately did not set up the uneven bars.

Artistic Gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastics

And as I still had some energy left I went to the juggling meeting. But as somebody had brought a delicious home made cake I actually did not do anything other than chatting.

Friends after a Long Day

Beer Garden

Sonntag, Juli 5th, 2009

I met a friend of mine on the outskirts of Erlangen which is the beginning of Franconian Switzerland. We went to a farmer’s beer garden even though we both only drank apple juice.But is was nice and quite there with a beautiful view that my camera could not capture.

Erlanger Umgebung